Monday, June 18, 2012

Week 17

Another week has flown by already. I feel like I just did my 16 weeks post!

This week the babies are the size of onions, although based on my ultrasound last week I think they are a little bigger than onions. says they'll be about 5 inches long head-to-rump and 5.9 ounces each, but last week Baby B was over 6oz, so I guess he/she is ahead of the curve a bit.

I'm honestly quite shocked I'm not fatter than I am. I guess I can thank my long torso for that! They at least have some room to grow up before they really grow out!

This week their skeletons are turning from cartilage to bone (this means we cannot bounce them after all, Blue, sorry) and they may start to be able to sweat. It being summer in the city, I certainly understand why they would.

On my end, apparently I'm going to get even MORE klutzy as my center of gravity shifts. Awesome. Just what a pregnant woman needs. My mom has sarcastically called me Princess Grace pretty much from birth, so you can just imagine how I'm looking forward to being even more off-balance. Just put me in a bouncy suit. Maybe one like this:

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  1. yay for 17 weeks...and lol about the bouncy suit!!!