Monday, October 29, 2012

36 Weeks!

And they are here! It's been a crazy couple of days, for sure.

Last Monday I started experiencing crazy itching, including on my palms and feet. Since I couldn't sleep, I Googled. And saw that it could be cholestasis, which would mean my liver wasn't functioning properly, which could be bad for the babies. I made an appointment to see my doctor on Thursday.

At that appointment, my doctor listened to my symptoms. She rechecked my blood pressure. And then she told me to go to labor and delivery, pronto. It was very likely I had pre-eclampsia, in which case they would deliver the baby.

After a bit of monitoring, with my blood pressure near 145/99 (bad), they asked me when the last time I ate was. I got excited, stupidly thinking that meant they would feed me lunch (I tend to end up in L&D at mealtimes). But no, they had to wait six hours from my last meal before they could c-section me. It was happening.

And so began the phone calls. The doctors and nurses had been talkking like it could be several hours before there was a spot in the operating room, since there were a set of triplets and another set of twins also being delivered. And then they had me sign some forms, and said we'd be going in within 20 minutes.

Cue panic attack. Not really. I just went into a surreal zoned out mode as they did the spinal (a very odd feeling but not as painful as expected), attached IVs, and got me prepped. Blue came in all in scrubs, which was kind of adorable. I wish I had a picture of that. He was awesome at distracting me, and our conversation about Star Trek and baseball ended up including the surgeon, who was extremely nice and rather funny. Not what I expected!

I asked when they'd be beginning, and they told me they already had. Then it go weird feeling. Tugging, pulling, but zero pain (phew!).

And then I heard Baby Boy cry, and I totally teared up. He was here! He was okay! Baby Girl soon followed. Blue went to check on them as they stretched out under the heat lights, basking in the warmth.

As soon as they were done stitching me up, Baby Girl was placed in my arms, Baby Boy on my lap, and we got wheeled to recovery. They were both 19 inches long, with Baby Girl weighing 5lbs 1oz, and Baby Boy 5lbs 4oz. Their ultrasound weights from last Monday were accurate!

I got placed on a magnesium drip to help with my blood pressure, which ended up making me feel like I had the flu. Not fun. That was done after 24 hours, at which point I was able to actually focus on people again and really comprehend what people were saying. They had a good time laughing at me.

Unfortunately Baby Girl ended up in the NICU due to low blood sugar. She is still there, working on eating on her own, getting fed through a tube about half the time. Her sugar level is better, but now she is jaundiced, so she spends a lot of time under the bilirubin lamp to help her liver process bilirubin. We've had a great time bonding with Baby Boy, but it's been so sad visiting our daughter in her little incubator. Makes you feel quite helpless. We do get to hold her, and we just soak up that time with her. We can't wait to have her join us and her brother at home, hopefully by the end of the week.

And now, a few photos:

Blue feeds Baby Boy

Little Baby Girl

Baby Boy

I think she looks like me as a baby.

Me as a baby

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Week 35!

So here we are, at week 35. The average for twins is 36 weeks, so I'm a week away from that point. Still hoping they hang on until their scheduled eviction date, though!

This is my first full week at home. As my doctor said, I've "had a good run" but it was time to stop working. Fine by me! I have to confess, I had giant smile on my face after she told me to stop. And working out short term disability at work didn't prove as complicated as I'd thought it would be, so that part wasn't even too stressful. Woohoo!

So at this point the babies are just adding fat. They likely won't get any longer. Which is good, because there really isn't anywhere else for their little legs to go.

Fun fact: my uterus is now about 1000 times its original size. Probably more, because it's twins. Crazy!

This week they are coconuts! Cue: Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Those aren't 'orses! You've got two 'alves of a coconut and you're bangin' 'em together!).
At my appointment yesterday they did measure them again. Yay! Baby Boy is 5lbs 3oz, and Baby Girl is 5lbs 1oz. So Baby Boy has taken the lead once again! 10.25 pounds of babies. No wonder my back hurts...

They were both face-up so we finally got some pictures!

Baby Boy. Not many good shots of him this time.

Baby Girl, with her little nose. First picture in about two months!

I swear I can see a little hair sticking up off her forehead but I didn't get that confirmed or anything.

Now, back to doing laundry and watching HGTV!

Monday, October 22, 2012

An Eventful Week

No, the babies aren't here yet. But I've been a little distracted by other things and haven't gotten motivated enough to come on here, my apologies! Thank you to those of you who have checked in with me privately!

So, last Monday (the day of my last posts) I experienced a little spotting. So little I wasn't going to do anything about it, until the ladies on my baby board highly encouraged me to call my doctor just in case. At first the nurse said that since it was so little, and had stopped, I was fine. Apparently she then talked to my doctor, who wanted me to get to labor & delivery pronto. So I left work around 4pm last Monday and headed to my hospital. Blue had his last class session and then was going to meet me and/or pick me up, depending on how long it took them to check me out.

Note to self: Next time I head to L&D, stop for food and a gallon of water beforehand. They don't let you eat or drink, the bastards. I was so unbelievably thirsty and was never so grateful for a cup of ice chips in my life. In any event, they checked me out, determined that the bleeding was not coming from my pregnancy (and not reassuringly never found WHY I had spotted), that I still had a good cervical length and there were no signs of preterm labor. They hooked me up on the same monitors they use at my twice-weekly NSTs and left me there for a very long time. Luckily Blue had arrived by 8:30pm and helped keep me amused. I do have to say the "bed" they had me in was the biggest contributor to my discomfort and intense desire to go home. Not. Comfy. Also, watching Dancing with the Stars sans music just isn't the same... Oh, and apparently I had a few minor contractions while there. I didn't feel a thing.

Waiting for test results took us to about 11pm (still starving, but they finally gave me a glass of water) and we headed out around 11:30pm. And headed straight to Wendy's. Dinner at midnight, a kiss for our anniversary that we had just crossed into (two years!), and then to bed. See below for the beautiful flowers Blue sent to the office for our anniversary.

I somehow got up in time for work and headed in for a half day, as I had my usual NST and ultrasound Tuesday afternoon. My boss commented that we should meet and discuss my projects "in light of Monday's events." Which we did, and we came up with a list of about eight things I should aim to complete by November 6th, my planned last day (and election day!).

Well, at my appointment my doctor happened to be the one on duty. And due to the spotting and the minor contractions, and to her longstanding desire that I stop working, she told me to stop working. Pronto. I asked if I could complete the week, and she said no.

So I went to work the next day anyways. I planned to go in Wednesday and Thursday (mainly to say bye to my coworker friend who was out on Wednesday) and finish as much as I could off that list. Well, work wanted me to go home immediately. I insisted on staying the day, finished exactly ONE item on the list and updated my boss on the rest, and then bid sayonara to work until February. I left a note for my coworker to take care of my flowers for me, and took two stems home with me. Unfortunately tulips are toxic to cats so I couldn't take them all home.

Thank you to my Facebook friends who repeatedly insisted I not go in Thursday, which worked out well because my cold made me absolutely miserable on Thursday, so I pretty much stayed in bed all day.

It's so absolutely bizarre that I'm done with work already. Today was the first day it really hit me, as Thursday and Friday just felt like a few vacation days. But today it was real. No more Monday commutes for 15 weeks. Ironically, Blue has to go into the city for the week, so we've reversed roles. And I cannot be more grateful to my doctor for telling me to stay home. I think it was really time. Going to Target the other day was exhausting. Sleep cannot last long enough. My body is just worn out and needs to focus on the babies for these last few weeks. It was just perfect timing, although unexpected, and I'm so glad I have these last three weeks at home to get things ready without overexerting. And to have Blue there during the day in case something happens (although not this week, of course).

I tried to take it easy today, doing a few loads of laundry and reorganizing the freezer, trying to honor my doctor's wishes that I rest as much as possible. I've got a list of projects to keep my mind from going crazy, one of which is to blog more regularly again. It was always a quick mental break at work, so it takes more planning to do it at home. I also am excited I might actually finish our wedding album before the babies arrive. Actually, might START the album. I'm a procrastinator, what can I say?

So that's the big stuff from the past week. Still to come, an update on baby size, celebrating hitting 35 weeks, and an update on the nursery!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Beware the Babysnatcher!

I'm one of those people who has somewhat irrational fears. The person walking behind me is always going to try to rob me. Trash bags on the side of the highway probably have dead bodies inside them. Things like that (thanks Mom). One of those fears this pregnancy has been of the woman who lost her baby and kidnaps me and takes mine. It happens on TV shows all the time! I just never imagined the would-be babysnatcher would be a two-and-a-half-year-old girl!

My sister-in-law, the one who is expecting her third child, emailed me a hilarious story today. Her daughter, whom we'll call Violet to keep with our color theme, desperately wanted her new sibling to be a girl. Despite being told by her mother that it was a boy, Violet didn't seem to process this information, until yesterday, to which she said "I told you I wanted a sister!" Like they could simply return the baby boy and switch for a sister. When told again that the baby would be a brother (yay, two brothers!), Violet told her mother, very matter-of-factly, "Aunt Red is having a girl. A boy and a girl. I'll take her girl." Because, you know, I've got a spare baby on my hands. Apparently my sister-in-law has talked her down to simply playing with my baby girl and helping to take care of her.

I can just imagine the look on her face as she thought through the problem (I want a sister) and came up with a solution (Aunt Red has an extra baby girl coming). Makes perfect sense! Future lawyer?

Still Preggo, Don't Worry

I know I haven't posted much in the last week. I've just been too wiped out, really. But I am still preggo, still trudging along, although apparently whenever I call my parents, they see my number on caller ID and think, "Uh oh!"

My mother also has been dreaming about the babies coming. In one she related to me, I was in the hospital giving birth the old-fashioned way, and delivered one baby. Then I said, "I'm done," and tried to get up and leave the hospital with baby two still hanging out in my belly. My mom woke up and had to check her phone to make sure I hadn't called to say I was in labor. So they are taking care of the worrying for me, because I have had absolutely NO dreams about popping these babies out. I'm a bit zen about the whole thing. They'll be here a month from yesterday, or, in weeks, four weeks from this upcoming Wednesday. Crazy.

So this week makes 34 weeks! A very real possibility the babies could try to escape any time, although as of my last NST and ultrasound last Thursday, they are making no efforts to do so. The average delivery week is 36 weeks for twins, but still hoping they hang out until 38 weeks. With an end date for work in sight, I think I can make it. Starting this week I have to go twice a week for the NST and ultrasound, so two half-days at work a week. Still have to deal with the obnoxious commute, but I think I can deal.

This week the babies are butternut squashes.

What's cool is they can now distinguish between songs and might react differently to different songs. They probably react poorly to anything I sing, as I really have no ability to carry a tune. I should make Blue sing to them...

They also pee about a pint a day. Awesome. And kind of gross considering they end up swallowing it. Ewwwww!

One of my friends had her baby girl last Wednesday, so a shout out to Mama A and Baby K, who is absolutely beautiful. And another friend is having her baby boy today, so I am wishing her lots of luck! Can't wait until it's my turn!

Oh, in case any of you were wondering, I did manage to find Apple Orchard donuts in my hometown. Phew! Dunkin Donuts isn't a total fail.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Babies and Lemons

Just wanted to share this bit of cuteness with you all. While I believe my niece actually liked the taste of lemons (if I am remembering correctly), it seems most babies are quite shocked by them. I think I'm going to be a horrible mother and have my kiddos try them too. With camera in hand, of course.

Monday, October 8, 2012

33 Weeks!

Here we are at 33 weeks. Where did the last week go? Feeling somewhat re-energized after my self-imposed bedrest yesterday, but I still have a little case of the sniffles. I would much rather be in bed than at work, especially on a day we usually get off. However, this year Columbus Day was sacrificed so we could have Monday through Wednesday off the week of July 4th. I suppose I can't complain too much, except I'm much more in need of the time off now than I was in July. But I digress.

First, a shout out to Fuschia (my sister-in-law, remember?) who is celebrating her big 3-0 today. And an advance happy birthday to my brother (who did maternity pictures) who will be 32 on Wednesday! When I was little I used to swear I'd be older than him someday. I think I'm finally happy that isn't possible!

Here's a quick photo from the wedding we were at Saturday. I'm actually belly to belly with Blue's sister, who is expecting her third in March. I wasn't sure if she'd want her photo up here so I cropped her out. I'm so excited for our babies to grow up together!

Can I just say I'm loving my hair here? I used rollers for about a half an hour then hair sprayed the crap out of it and I had lovely waves all day. I should do that more often, because it really wasn't hard.

This week the babies are durians, which if I remember correctly are a really really stinky fruit. They also look quite terrifying.
They could grow up to an inch this week, and as we've seen in our growth checks, they gain about a half a pound each weekly. They keep their eyes open when awake, which is kind of cool. Their skin is becoming less translucent and is looking more like mine (to which Blue would laugh and say "But your skin IS translucent." I get it, I'm pale.) or Blue's (who is Mediterranean and thus a darker, olive tone).

I cannot wait to see who they look like!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Baby Growth Update

I've been slacking writing my next entry because to be honest, I usually write blog posts as a mental sanity break at work and I've been off since Thursday, when I had my latest appointment. But since I'm trying to relax as much as possible today and have been vegging in the bed in the living room watching various sports all day, I suppose I have time to write!

So Thursday was my latest non-stress test and ultrasound, along with a visit with my doctor. Great heart rates, no contractions, all is looking well on the NST side.

And the ultrasound revealed that the babies are growing perfectly. I believe they are in the 56th and 54th percentiles or something to that effect. Baby Boy is 4lbs 5oz, and Baby Girl is 4lbs 6oz (she's the bigger one again!). By now they are probably more like 4lbs 8oz, as they are growing at about 7oz a week. Which means by the time November 14th rolls around, we're looking at 7lb babies. Oy. Great news for them, not so great for my expanding belly and increasingly achy back. Just glad they are looking healthy, though! Baby Girl still refused to show her face, and Baby Boy remains easily identifiable by his nose. No pictures this week, though, sorry.

I then visited my doctor and learned that after 34 weeks, I have to have NSTs done twice a week. My boss is just going to LOVE that. I do love that, because it means even LESS time at work. I think I'm already down to 19 full days left (including some half days that combine for a full day). Hey! My last day of work is a month from yesterday. Sweet!

In other news, my dad and his girlfriend were in town en route to a family wedding and spent a few days with us. They live in Florida so it's always great to see them. And they brought gifts for babies. Lots and lots of bibs, among other adorable things. I'm a slob, and it's a good bet our babies will be, too, so I'm sure they'll come in handy. They also stocked us up with diapers and wipes. Except with two, the stash will probably only last a week or two. A sobering reality to see how much will go so quickly...

Blue and I are bummed we can't go to my side's family wedding and see everyone (congrats L & C!), but we actually had a wedding for Blue's side yesterday (congrats M & D!), and he was in it. It was a fun but very long day for this mama (hence lying in bed all day today). I managed to dance to a few songs. I can't resist oldies like the Twist! I did worry about their hearing, the music and bass were so loud, but I suppose it probably just sounds like Dory speaking Whale in Finding Nemo. I hope.

So many people commented on how small I am for having twins, but I was reassured by my doctor that I am just carrying well, so I'm not worried. I'm sure today's wedding will be great too, and I'm looking forward to seeing pictures. Even without yesterday's wedding, it probably wouldn't be good to go too far from my hospital at this point... 33 weeks tomorrow! Lots of twins decide to come now! Hopefully not ours...

Now, to drag myself out of bed and do some laundry. Blue is picking up creamy tomato soup and brie (one of my favorite lunch combos) so the least I can do is make sure he has clean underwear...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dunkin Donuts Fail

Got some bad news this morning when I went to Dunkin Donuts to get my apple orchard donut (it's my latest obsession). They aren't selling them anymore! She tried to give me some excuse about seasons changing but hello, apple orchard = fall. It JUST became fall. Hence, apple orchard donuts should be available until December 21, no? I settled for a pumpkin donut, which was decent but did not taste like fall exploding in my mouth in delightful nuances of apple, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Sigh. I am hoping it is just this store, as they usually have a fairly limited selection of donuts, or perhaps even just Manhattan, and that I will find my favorite donut to be available near my home. Mission for the weekend... hunt down apple orchard donuts! They pair so well with Dunkin's pumpkin coffee.

This feels like when Starbucks stopped offering Espresso Truffle coffee drinks, even in winter. I don't think I've been to a Starbucks since. That drink was heaven.

Dammit. Now I want an apple orchard donut AND an Espresso Truffle drink...

Monday, October 1, 2012

32 Weeks, aka 8 Months!

Having a pretty decent Monday, for a Monday ::knocks wood::. Blue and I were walking from our cars to the train when another commuter called out to me to tell me I look great. She asked when I was due and if we knew what we were having. When I told her one of each, she was blown away that I'm having twins and am as small as I am. This repeats a theme that came up a lot over the weekend. A clerk at the grocery store was similarly surprised, and people at a family event also commented on how small I am. I swear the babies are the right size and growing well! But it does make me a little paranoid. I'll double check at my ultrasound this week that there's nothing I should be worried about. But in the meantime, feeling flattered that people think I look good!

So this week it's 32 weeks down, 6 to go until eviction date. Craziness. This also means only 5 more weeks and 2 days of work. I counted and it's 25 work days. Probably less because I am taking several half days for doctor's appointments. So let's call it 23 days at the office. Woohoo!! And this week I'm taking Thursday and Friday off so it should fly by!

This week apparently the babies are squashes (weren't they acorn squashes not long ago?).

I'm pretty sure these numbers are the same as last week because baby size can vary a lot in the third trimester, so it's just a range. What's kind of cool is that they can now experience REM sleep, which means they can dream! Wondering what an in-utero baby dreams about if it's never seen anything... Is it just sounds and sensations? Wish I could ask them...

So much left to do, and not just in the nursery. I need to pack up a bag for the hospital, just in case they decide to come early. I need to come up with some good recipes to prepare and freeze so I can just dump everything in the crockpot after the babies come (or whoever is at my house can dump into the crockpot). Then I need to actually prepare them. Which requires some serious freezer reorganization. I need to make a list of what we need to do immediately after they arrive for health insurance, daycare FSA, maternity leave, etc. I need to do a good, deep clean of the house to try to get rid of as much dust and fur as possible. We need to reclaim our bedroom, which has become a dumping ground for anything and everything as we are mainly living on the lower level these days.

I think that's it... for now.

Oh, and I need to buy some comfy pants that I can hang out in during the week or two of recovery. And, let's face it, that I will probably hang out in until I'm forced to put on real clothes.