Sunday, June 3, 2012

Countdown Continues

I hit 15 weeks tomorrow. Crazy!

Front shot

Definitely a bump there now!
This week they are the size of navel oranges. Here's a cute graphic from

Totally crazy how big they are getting! I'm kind of shocked I'm not bigger than I am, with eight inches of babies! Within the next few weeks I should be feeling some flutters from their movements, although they are moving around a lot right now, testing out their tiny muscles.

Sorry I don't have more today. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some nursery "before" shots for you. Get ready for a messy office/guest room. I can't wait to get it cleaned up and organized as a nursery!


  1. Yay 15 weeks! Love the the bump!

  2. This shirt is the best!!! Love it :)