Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Busy Day

So yesterday I had yet another ultrasound to check for pre-term labor (got another all-clear on that one!) and to take a quick look at the babies. I got there early, and for the first time in the history of doctors, they took me early. Which was upsetting, because Blue wasn't there yet! I stalled as much as possible, taking a good long time in the bathroom, which time I spent texting Blue to drive faster.

But alas, the ultrasound took a whopping five minutes and Blue missed it (for the record, he was exactly on time. So not his fault). So I pulled a pity-me preggo lady face and got the doctor to take another look when she came in.

And one of the babies looked right at us. We could see the corneas. It was so freaking cool. Of course, it then turned into an alien-skeletor thing that Blue says reminded him of Halo. Awesome.

We only got a picture of Baby B, which is kind of a bummer, but they both looked healthy and active. Baby B even had the hiccups, just like thebump.com said they might!! It was so cute.

Baby B, 18 weeks
They didn't measure the babies at this appointment, so I can't tell you how big they are. At my Level II ultrasound in two weeks they will measure every little bit of them and I'll have a lot more cool info on their growth rate and everything. Plus it'll be like two hours of staring at our kiddos, which will be pretty sweet, I imagine.

Then we went to dinner to escape the monsoon that decided to unleash itself upon us. I let the babies choose my meal.

Loaded baked potato, broccoli and cheese soup, and an Oreo milkshake. Heaven.
Then I cajoled Blue into going to Babies R Us to start our registry. It was in the same plaza as the restaurant so it seemed silly to just drive past it. He wasn't thrilled about it, but was still sweet enough to drop me at the door so I didn't get soaking wet. Love that guy.

As we were filling out the registry paperwork and learning how to use the snazzy gun, I looked over and saw this:

One of these does not belong...
It cracked me up. I guess Mommy might need that book after reading all the others ad nauseum.

So we picked a stroller (the Chicco Cortina Together) and carseats (Chicco Keyfit 30) and some other fun stuff. We also decided to try out some gliders. We each sat in one and fell in love. So we decided to switch to see if we liked the other one too, when we realized they were the same one in different colors. We might just buy it since it's being discontinued and is on clearance (but is still wicked expensive). But I think it's worth it, since we can move it to the living room after we don't need it for babies (and once we have a bigger house that would fit it in the living room) and it can be a forever chair. It was just so, so comfortable. And it reclined a bit!

Then we got home and the power went out. For the sixth or seventh time since last Thursday. Neighbor wasn't kidding when he told us our street was terrible for power outages...

Storage Wars tonight! Woo! If the power stays on, that is...


  1. Was the soup just a whim or has it been a common choice? I'm loving soup lately! But only creamy soups. :-) I dragged my hubby along to start a registry weeks ago, but he loves the scanner so he's happy about it. It's already 6 pages long!

    1. I've definitely been into soups lately, which is funny because it's been hot out. I'll take anything creamy or French Onion. And Blue likes the scanner, it was just the weather that had him a little iffy on staying out and about longer.

    2. I feel the same way, it's in the 90s and I just want soup! :-)

  2. Definitely get a rocker/glider that reclines. It is so worth it, especially if one of the babies will only sleep on you. We got a Lazy Boy recliner and still use it to read DS his bed time story and rock.

  3. I have the book on the top shelf in the middle - it is amazing and provocative, perhaps moreso (and better-written) than the book on the bottom shelf...