Thursday, June 7, 2012

We Bought Paint!

I'm far too excited about the fact that we have a gallon of grey and a quart of yellow paint sitting at home waiting to go up on the walls and ceiling in the nursery. A lot remains to be done before we can tackle painting on Saturday (namely, emptying the room), but the paint is ready and waiting!

Stripes on the ceiling will be Frosted Lemon and white.

Walls will be Sterling.
The paint blob on the top of the can for the grey is almost white, but I'm hoping it shows up darker on the walls. (edit: We were going to go with Full Moon, and bought that paint, but ended up deciding it wouldn't be dark enough. So the day of painting we went back and bought Sterling, after all.) And I'm totally psyched about the Frosted Lemon. It's just such a sweet, soft color.

Yay, paint! And the best part is I can't help actually do it because of the fumes! I just get to supervise! Win-win!

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