Friday, June 1, 2012

Nursery Inspiration

Since we're not finding out genders (although last night I had the thought "Why can't we find out one and let the other be a surprise?" Things to discuss with Blue tonight...) we are doing a gender-neutral nursery. In this case, that means yellow and grey. It's a color combination I've become obsessed with after stumbling across it on Pinterest. I'd been looking at scores of cutesy pre-fabbed nursery themes and nothing was clicking. I looked at every option on Babies R Us, Kohl's, JCPenney, Target, you name it, websites, and nothing really jumped as "That's it!" And then I saw this:

and became intrigued. Further searching found these:


And I was set. I just love the softness of this color combination, and the ability to choose my own fabrics and pieces to go with it. No "sets" or anything. I am going to use hot air balloons, elephants, and giraffes to bring some kiddie elements in, as well.

I love this picture:

and this one:

And I hope to find room on the walls for them, but as the room is rather small, wallspace will be limited.

I'm hoping to take some "before" shots this weekend, and then update as we start working on the room. First, we need to move my office stuff into the master bedroom, which means making room in the bedroom for it. Fun times ahead this weekend!


  1. I love the grey and yellow, super classy!

  2. Love the colors! Have you talked to Blue about finding out one? Made me chuckle when I saw that! I love the pic of the elephant holding the rabbit to the stars. Hope you can find some room for something like that. Your space is definitely limited for TWO but I am sure you can do something great with it!!

    1. I did ask Blue about it but he's of an all or nothing mentality, which I get. So we'll still try to wait!