Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Chatty Peri

While Indigo can speak, and does when he wants to, Periwinkle is by far the chattier of the two. And by chattier, I mean won't shut up. It's wonderful and sweet and hilarious.

In the morning we get some sort of variation of, "Mommy, where are you? Daddy coming? Indigo, wake up! Daddy, where are you?" in her sweet baby voice. Then she takes roll call of her toys: "Baby? Bunny? Monkey? Blanket?" and then an announcement of "No poopie!" as we start changing her diaper. Sometimes she lies.

Another cute exchange occurred this weekend. Her cousin, who is a few months younger than the babies, ran up to her with his arms outstretched. I'm pretty sure he was going for a hug, but instead he knocked her on her butt. She wasn't hurt, just stunned. She stood up, ran to me for protection, looked back at her cousin, and said reproachfully, "No push!" Ten minutes or so later he approached again, wanting to play, offering a toy to her. She very strongly said, "No push!" again and ran away from him. Girl holds a grudge! We'll see how she acts next time we see him!

She also enjoys telling the cats off. White Cat will be eating his dinner and she runs up, "No, no, no, Boomah!" Actually, yes, yes, yes, he is allowed to eat in peace, kiddo.

Peri likes being helpful, as well. She'll willingly throw away dirty diapers (tightly wrapped up, of course!), asking permission with an "Away?" and then "Thank you!" Yup, she thanks us for the privilege of tossing dirty diapers, although she has started to shy away from #2 ones.

They also have a favorite movie these days. I'll give you one guess.... you're right! It's "Frozen"! It's the first thing they've ever sat through in its entirety, mesmerized. They know it quite well by this point, and Periwinkle often requests "Let It Go?", which is her name for the movie. She tries to sing along, too.

Like I said, she's chatty, and smart, and funny. I can't wait to see what she says next! Although I do wish she'd quiet down sometimes to let her brother take control of the conversation!