Friday, January 3, 2014

365 Days of Indigo and Periwinkle

I started a bit late, on January 4th, 2013, and finished up today, January 3rd, 2014. I missed about 20 days (some days I sadly barely saw them and spent my short time hanging with them instead of snapping a photo) and filled in with a few of my favorites, for a total of 351 pictures from 2013-2014.

I have to credit for the step-by-step instructions on the super easy collage making. I should have paid more attention to the "Choose a tag no one else has" because when I went to use Instaport to download all my #project365 images from Instagram, I got everyone else's images too. Oy. So if I do it again, I will have to find a unique tag!

So here's my collage! It's been fun and it's so fascinating to see how much they changed.

I'm going to print it at 16x16 so I'll be able to see the individual photos better. I'm sorry it's probably pretty impossible to see them here, but I just wanted to show you the cool effect they all have together. If you know us and want a copy so you can zoom in, just comment and I'll send it along!