Thursday, August 30, 2012

Baby Bump Photo

Here's what I'm looking like at 27 weeks and 3 days! I bought some new, professional pants from Destination Maternity on Monday, and a red shirt that will transition into fall. I'm outgrowing half my brightly colored, summery shirts anyways, so it's good timing.

Front view

Side view
Quite a change from that first photo in my Audrey Hepburn capris, no?

Wow, my hair was so much shorter!
No wonder I split my capris... And I have 8 weeks left, at the least? Oy vey.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Adorable Twin Baby Video

A friend sent this to me and I just had to share. Just totally squishy adorable.

Infant CPR Class

So last night we trekked off to Infant CPR, hoping that by going we would never have to actually use it on our babies (kind of like how in elementary school if you did your homework you got a snow day but if you didn't do it, counting on said snow day, it'd be sunny and bright the next day).

We were each bestowed with a blow-up baby to practice on and take home, in case we wanted to practice more or train family members. It's a super creepy baby.

Creepy doll.
The nurse kind of rambled but got the point across that it's 30 chest compressions, lift the chin to open the airway, and then two breaths.

This is where it got tricky. Blue did this all just fine. I, on the other hand, am not the one you want performing CPR on your baby. The chest compressions really hurt my poor arthritic fingers (you have to push HARD). I aced lifting the chin, but when it came time to give two breaths, I failed. You see, you are supposed to cover both the baby's mouth and nose with your mouth. This works fine for adults with normal-sized mouths.

I am not one of them. Dentists often use child-sized tools to fit in my tiny mouth. I particularly love when they tell me to open wide and I mumble back that I am, and then they try to shove both hands in there anyways. Not. Happening. I should have had several teeth pulled before getting braces because of my small mouth but did not, leading to a slew of dental troubles down the line (I still curse my orthodontist who did not pull teeth).

So my attempts to cover both mouth and nose were pathetic. I flung the doll back at Blue and declared that he would be in charge of the breathing part if it ever came to it. Again, here's hoping we'll never need it.

Next we moved on to baby Heimlich, otherwise known as "the one time it's okay to beat your infant." You can't do the real Heimlich on them, as their muscles aren't developed enough to protect their organs. So you turn them over and whack them on the upper back a few times, then give a few breaths. I got the whacking part down, but again, had to turn over Creepy Baby to Blue for the breaths. Epic fail, Mommy.

When we got home I decided to put Creepy Baby and Diapered Teddy next to each other.

Girl: Look, Dad. There's a bear.
Father : No, Christine, that's a frog. Bears wear hats.
Wish I had a hat for the bear... they remind me of this scene from the Great Muppet Caper:

So now we have a set of twins, identical or not, for the cats to investigate.

In other news my doctor's appointment went well, I'm holding steady at 3.4cm and no pre-term labor. Both babies were moving a lot so no photos from this ultrasound. And it's been confirmed that Baby B is on the left (trying to break my ribs) and Baby A is on my right and is the one I feel moving at all hours of the day.

Monday, August 27, 2012

27 Weeks on the 27th!

I guess this is my "golden" week! Like your golden birthday, which occurs when you turn the age your date of birth is. For me, my golden birthday was my fifth birthday. This seems unfair, as I didn't even know the concept existed. But I digress.

I'm officially wiped out. Uncomfortable sitting, as Baby B wedges into my ribs, but exhausted standing, as my legs and feet ache (but still no swelling!). The best word to describe it is "blargh." I have another cervical check after work and part of me is hoping she puts me on bedrest. But I also know that bedrest will drive me insane, which will drive Blue insane, so it's probably best that that doesn't happen. Wish me luck.

There is no way in hell I would be this zen on bedrest.

So I think I'm in the third trimester now. Some sites/books say third trimester starts at 26 weeks, others at 28, so I'm splitting the difference and declaring myself into the third trimester at 27 weeks. Plus my third trimester will likely be cut short by an early appearance from the babies. Crazy to think they will probably be here in ten weeks (hopefully not sooner). Apparently I will gain weight more rapidly this trimester than in the previous two. I think I need to buy bigger maternity clothes if that's the case...

As for the babies, they are rutabagas and are nearly 2.5 pounds (theoretically) each. That's five pounds of babies! No wonder I feel enormous! They are also getting smarter, showing signs of brain increased activity as their brains continue to develop (braaaiiiiinnnnss). Hoping for smart, nerdy babies.
By the way, what the hell is a rutabaga?

We have flooring!

Acclimating to the humidity level of our house.

Now, just to install it... it seems easy enough, and we could probably do it ourselves. But, just to be on the safe side, and to save likely frustration, we're going to have a family member more experienced in the ways of building and construction pop by to help us out. It'll probably save a few hours of work that way, too. So excited to get it done and then begin setting stuff up in there!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Missing: My Feet

This probably happened weeks ago but I only noticed this week. Don't mind the chipped nail polish (not pictured). Out of sight, out of mind.

Friday, August 24, 2012


Holy shit we're having twins.

Ahem. Apologies. Every once in a while it hits me.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Babies' Taste in Music... and Baseball Teams

Our babies seem to have quite the eclectic taste in music. The other day Nirvana came on Spotify at work and I swear the two of them were headbanging or something in there. They were definitely having a good time. So we might have little grunge babies.

A few weeks ago at Cirque de Soleil they really seemed to respond to a song with lots of bass drum. They like intense, I guess.

And then, just to make me love them even more, a few minutes ago "Sweet Caroline" came on Spotify and they started dancing around. This proves to me that they are Red Sox fans like their mama, something that is sure to send Blue into conniptions.

You see, I married a Yankees fan. We used to discuss how we'd win over ONE baby to our respective team, but with two I was trying to go for an even split. Blue says that's a no go. He's just being selfish, really. I figure they'll either end up hating baseball altogether, or become Phillies fans. ::shudder::

What I do know is that we coincidentally have two Red Sox onesies thanks to a dear friend who humorously bought them for us as a wedding gift two years ago. No Yankees baby stuff in our house... yet.

In any event, one team we CAN agree on is the Boston College Eagles. "Eagles on the warpath, oooh, ah!"

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cats vs. Stroller

I finally got a chance to take a picture of the teddy bear, still in his diaper. He's been living in our living room in some pathetic hope that having something around wearing a diaper will help prepare the cats for impending babies.

A little lopsided, but not terrible.
Speaking of the cats, they were very intrigued as I assembled the stroller. I was very proud to do it all myself (with one "smash" from Blue to help lock a piece in place), even though it required zero tools. Deciphering those drawings takes skills! I particularly liked the part where they put things into three languages, including "Click!" <<clic>> and "Clic!" Just in case Frenchies couldn't figure out what "click" meant.

Black Cat decided to do some quality control, so we now know that the storage basket can hold at least 13 pounds.

"Why isn't this thing moving yet?"

White Cat, who is more reserved (or tries to be), was content to observe from on top of the stroller box. Of course, he later got stuck IN the stroller box when the flap got stuck, but he told me not to share that with you. Oops.

Check out that awesome Photoshop job to erase addresses!
Here's hoping they take to their new siblings as easily!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More Baby Shower Pictures!

Cake pops shaped like ice cream cones, made by Fuschia

One of Fuschia's cupcake clothing creations.

A blanket rolled up like a cupcake.

Adorable balloon!

A really sweet idea. Loved reading all the messages, sweet and funny alike.

The sign my mom found that inspired the theme.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Good News, Everyone!

I passed my glucose screening, so no gestational diabetes for me! The normal range is 62 to 128, and I got a 108. Woohoo! I continue to be amazed at how smoothly things are going. ::knocks wood::

This means I can eat donuts every morning, right?

26 Weeks, Baby Shower, Maternity Shoot

It's been a busy week! First of all, I'm now 6.5 months along. Time is simultaneously speeding up and slowing down. Two more weeks and I'll be into the third trimester!

This week the babies are heads of lettuce, which amuses me given the number of salads I've eaten this summer.

Their hearing is fully functional, and they respond to light. I need to try shining a flashlight at my stomach one of these days. Soon their eyes will be able to open, and they have eyelashes already!

As for me, I feel lucky that a lot of the not-so-fun things haven't been happening (yet). I can still sleep relatively easily other than trips to the bathroom to pee. My back isn't killing me, and my ankles aren't swollen. I just get tired more easily and can't walk long distances (sorry, old omelette place. Switched to one closer to work!). I do have to say I'm done going to baseball games for the duration. Blue and I went to one Friday and while the game was fun, the seats were not. Plus my team lost. Not cool.

I had my baby shower up by where I grew up over the weekend. My mom put together a really cute theme, "Double Dip," and we had a sundae bar and cake pops shaped like ice cream cones (made by my sister-in-law). I got lots of cute outfits, great books to read to them, and useful things like a changing mat, stroller (Chicco Cortina Together), car seats (Chicco Keyfit 30), high chairs (by Graco), one of the cribs (thanks Mom!), and other things I am forgetting. But Blue and I feel incredibly lucky to have such loving and generous friends and family. We really can't thank them enough!

Overwhelmed at the generosity.

Opening a "cupcake" made by my sister-in-law. We'll call her Fuschia.

So as you can see, my sister-in-law, whom we'll call Fuschia because of her intense love of bright pink, made these adorable "cupcakes" as gifts for me. She rolled baby outfits, blankets, and this Pooh snuggle thing into the shapes of cupcakes, complete with cupcake liner and individual boxes. She SO should go into business doing this. She's very creative and crafty like that. She's also the one who made the cake pops. I'll try to get some pictures from my mom of that and other baby shower things.

Here's a picture of me and Fuschia. She even dresses awesomely!

Red and Fuschia. And a crib full of gifts!

One other fun thing from the shower was that I revealed genders, which was exciting. But I'm not sharing here yet, sorry!

The following day, my brother (fantastic photographer) did a maternity shoot for me. Blue got roped into a few photos, and otherwise played assistant, and Fuschia took some behind the scenes photos. It was fun, and perfect weather for it. Here's one sample shot that will be my 26-week photo for you guys. He's still working on tweaking the rest of them.

Beamer Photography
Can we say "Hello, belly"?

More to come from this session in September!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Infant Care 101

So on Wednesday we headed off to Infant Care, a class offered through our hospital but done at the local Destination Maternity. They have a room where they do prenatal yoga and other classes (I'm on to them -- get preggos in there and then suddenly BAM they just have to have that dress over there!). The instructor was a very nice L&D nurse who had also run our orientation class at the hospital. She ran through basics, like what to expect right after the baby (or babies) is born, feeding, bathing, etc.

We were handed a blanket and a diaper. A very tiny diaper. I can't believe how small they will be... We managed to wrangle our teddy bear into it, although I'm pretty sure he'll be leaking everywhere soon. His legs were just a bit too fat, I think. In any event, we had better luck at swaddling. Blue had us practice that one a few times and I think we're pretty darned good at it now. Of course, I just registered for swaddling sleep sacks, so we'll see how much real swaddling we do. I'm nervous that with just a blanket the babies will get it loose and then suffocate on it. I need blankets with velcro or something. Which is probably how the sleep sacks work, actually.

The bathing lesson boiled down to "don't burn the baby" and "clean their butt last." Both pieces of excellent advice!

And she mentioned this nifty contraption for diapering a baby boy that just cracks me up.

That is a PeePee TeePee. You can figure out the rest yourselves.

My only complaint is that I wish she'd spoken more about getting babies on a feeding schedule, whether to wake them to feed them, etc. But I figured my questions were more twin-specific and so would be a waste of time for other students. Time to get reading my twin books I guess!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Belly Photo

So I was feeling rather cute last night before we headed off to Infant Care 101, so I had Blue take a picture. I might make this one of my outfits for my maternity shoot on Sunday, although jeans might be a bit hot...

25 weeks, 2 days

I feel way huger than I look here. Maybe stripes were minimizing for once? It's kind of crazy how many things with horizontal stripes are marketed to pregnant women. And I own a bunch of them. I guess embrace the roundness when it's for a good reason?

I'm also rocking my new glasses in this photo. They are blue (hard to see here). I rather love them. They made me dizzy at first because they are like three times stronger than my old glasses or something like that. Apparently I am both nearsighted and farsighted and should wear glasses all the time. Who knew? Yay astigmatism!

More on Infant Care 101 another time. I'll just say that we now feel very confident in our ability to diaper a teddy bear.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Babies Are Growing!

Today I was told I have a "model cervix." Umm, thank you, I guess? I'm holding steady at 3.4cm, which is great news. Apparently I am so easy to measure they had two people in training try to measure too, with great success. Awesome. And awkward.

But then we moved on to measuring the babies. Baby A (below) is 1 pound, 12 ounces. Baby A will be over two pounds the next time I go in for growth scans. Baby A is in the 48th percentile for growth, right in the middle where baby should be!  Baby A looks like it has a really weird chin. Hoping that's not an issue, but no one has mentioned it to me so it must just be a weird image.

Baby B (no photo this week, sorry!) is 1 pound, 10 ounces, and is in the 37th percentile for growth. So both are right on track!

And I'm doing so well I don't need to go in for another check and ultrasound for three weeks, instead of the usual two! Yay!

Today I also had my glucose test. Basically I drank a little bottle of orange kool-aid (not really kool-aid) and then they drew blood an hour later to see how my body processed the sugar. It's to see if I have or am near getting gestational diabetes. I hope not! I'll find out by the end of the week how I did. If I failed this test, then I have to do a three-hour test, where I drink a bigger drink and then get my blood drawn hourly for three hours. Boo to that. So let's hope I passed!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Nursery Update

I finally put all the baskets on the shelves! It only took four trips to get them all home (I bought them near my office and they are heavy, surprisingly), and by that point I didn't want to think about them for a while. I still need to buy two more large yellow ones as I miscounted originally. In any event, I'm thinking they look pretty cool! I like the pop of green they bring to the room.

Black Cat and White Cat are a little unsure about losing the shelving to sit on, and have already tried to get into the baskets, but I think they'll adjust. Black Cat is taking a breather here in between attempts to infiltrate the baskets.

25 Weeks!

How the heck did we get here? Isn't it still March? Aren't babies still kind of just a theoretical thing for Future Me to deal with?

Apparently not.

While the baby bump has been a gradual thing for me and so isn't quite as shocking as I thought it would be, as I go through pictures from our honeymoon (finally) in an attempt to choose some for an album, I realize how many pounds ago my normal size and shape was.

British Museum, London, 2010. Disclaimer: I did not actually touch the statue.

I look tiny! Granted, the angle helps with that, and I was about ten pounds heavier than this before I got preggo, but still. I still have that sweater and there's no way I'd fit into it now. But it does provide a nice goal photo for after babies!

Anyways. 25 weeks. This week the babies are cauliflowers! Which is pretty awesome because last winter I finally tried this weird-looking vegetable and found I love it! I'm a super picky eater, so this was a big step for me. (recipe: cut into little florets, put on baking sheet, drizzle with olive oil and salt and bake at like 400 degrees until your kitchen smells like heaven. They taste like french fries, I swear!)

Anyways. The babies could weigh up to 2.5 pounds each and are possibly 15 inches long. No wonder I have this belly! Or that I can feel them moving around a LOT lately. We'll find out their actual measurements tomorrow at their next growth scan. I also get to do the glucose screening for gestational diabetes. Awesome.

Around this point I might start having a hard time sleeping. Not so awesome. And I've already noticed an uptick in heartburn, a problem I had already and is now just getting worse. I drink a lot of milk in the middle of the night to soothe my esophagus, and it really does help.

One of these days I'll remember to take another countdown t-shirt photo, if the shirt still fits. Today is not that day.

Have a good week everyone! I'm off work until Thursday for some around-the-house chillaxing time and enjoying every minute of it!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Adorable Bear Hats

Can we say OMG? A friend of mine made these as part of her burgeoning knitting business. I think she''ll do okay. What do you think?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pregnant Chicken's Porn for Pregnant Ladies

So one site I really enjoy is called Pregnant Chicken. One post that is particularly hilarious to me as I get more and more pregnant is her Porn for Pregnant Ladies.

Now, I want you to go take a look-see yourself because she deserves the traffic, being as totally awesome as she is. But I thought I'd entice you with a few of my favorites.
Hilarious, right? If only...

But in all seriousness, Blue has been just totally awesome this entire time. I don't talk about him much because he so requested, but I fear it looks like he isn't involved. He is.

He pokes me when I start snoring in the middle of the night so that I stop, endures a giant extra pillow in the bed that I cuddle with instead of him, pushes me from behind so I can make it up the ladder out of the pool, and just nods and smiles when I say we're getting Chinese food for the sixth time this month.

He also massages my back when it aches, tells me I look beautiful every morning in his still sleepy haze (once saying it when I still had my pjs on, which is extra sweet... or delusional), runs upstairs if I just need to grab something and can't muster the energy, and has agreed to move the guest bed into the dining room for the last few months so I don't have to go up and down the stairs three times a night to pee (note: if planning on getting preggo, don't buy a house with the bathroom on a different floor than the bedroom). He still hasn't decided if he'll join me or just enjoy having the entire queen bed to himself upstairs...

He's basically a rock star. And my rock.

But somehow I doubt he'll be into sorting through baby clothes... and that's okay. I've got Marky Mark for that.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Flooring Fiasco

After weeks of deliberation and back-and-forth with Home Depot, we finally ordered flooring for the nursery.

In the beginning of July we got the room measured and requested a quote for a hardwood floor I'd found online. It appeared to match what we have in the rest of the upstairs and wasn't too expensive. Score!

They called with the quote, which was WAY higher than expected. I was confused. I told them we'd think about it.

They proceeded to call us a zillion times, and during one call I realized they had quoted us for wood that was TWICE as expensive as what I told them. I'd even given them the model number. But they decided we needed something more expensive. This led to angry mama. He told me to go talk to someone in person at our local store.

So off we went, and found that the wood I'd picked out was on clearance, and thus was in the store's computers at $0.01 a box. I was all, "Sounds like a good deal to me! Sign me up!" but what this really meant is that they couldn't do anything for us in the store. They gave me some employee's card and told me to call him.

And it turns out he was the guy who told me to go in the store in the first place. And there was no way to assign the project to an installer because the wood wasn't for sale in the stores. It was online only, clearance, and thus they couldn't help us. Can we say stupid? You won't let me pay you to do this, because your computer doesn't see the wood in its system? Bizarro. We decided we'd order it online and have our handy-dandy brother-in-law do it (he was up for it, phew).

This is what it felt like:

At this point I looked at the floors upstairs again and realized it was laminate, not hardwood. Doh!

Now what to do? Continue with the hardwood plan, or try to really match what we already had? Much discussion and indecision later, I made the executive decision to just order the damned laminate. So I did. I only have a vague idea of what other materials and tools we'll need because we are no longer going off the hardwood quote from Home Depot that helpfully listed them all, but between friends who have installed laminate before and aforementioned handy-dandy BIL, I think we'll be okay.

And much to my frustration, the laminate that matched the best and was available soonest was from Home Depot. I really wanted to have nothing to do with them after all the misinformation, but I did it anyways.

I do have to say we will likely be switching to Lowe's for most of our home improvement needs from now on. It's only a little farther away than Home Depot so it's not a big deal.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Random Thoughts

  • It's going to be weird having to unbutton, unzip, rebutton, and rezip pants again after the babies come. I've gotten WAY too used to elastic waistbands...
  • I have two cats and will have two babies. Think I can get all four to do this at the same time?

Wicked friggin' cute
  • Chobani Greek yogurt in Raspberry has finally won me over to Greek yogurt. SO YUM. And so much protein!
  • Bought a Sonicare toothbrush. Other than the fact that it tickles my lower lip like crazy and that brushing often ends with toothpaste vibro-flung onto the mirror, it is awesome. My teeth feel super clean. And maybe now my dentist won't yell at me for brushing too hard anymore... 
  • I realized I've never put a picture of White Cat on here. So here he is!
Lazy kitty.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Six months preggo!

Only a frightening three to go!

According to, the babies are in the same range they've been in the past few weeks because at this point it's just extremely varied from baby to baby (or babies). But they like to give new foods each weeks to keep us happy, so this week they are cantaloupes instead of grapefruits.

The babies' skin is getting pinker and more opaque, making them look more like human babies instead of strange alienish babies. They are also on the lookout for light -- I'll have to shine a flashlight at them to see if they move toward or away from it.

As for me, I'm still doing rather well. Definitely getting a little tired in this crazy hot and humid weather the past few days. And the Olympics are seriously messing with my required number of hours of sleep, which isn't helping, but I can't seem to stay away. One more week and I can go back to heading to bed at ten!

And I'm also sad that my beloved capris are sold out at Old Navy, so no new, bigger pair for me. I was hoping to wear them for my maternity pictures but I guess not... ah well. I'll figure something out!