Monday, June 4, 2012

Nursery "Before" Shots

Currently, the room that will become the nursery doubles as my office and the guest room. Basically, it looks like my bedroom did when I lived alone. Bed with a black and white comforter, a brightly painted accent wall, my computer, and lots and lots (and lots) of books.

It's a small room, maybe 10 x 11, with some odd angles and niches. Fitting nursery furniture was going to be tight with one baby, but now with two, we'll be lucky to fit two cribs!

We'll somehow squeeze two cribs between the window and the back wall.

A changing table will go on the other side of the window.

And I'm hoping to find room somewhere for a rocker of some sort. A very small sort.

Luckily there are some built in shelving units that will store baby clothes, toys, and extra diapers. Because lord knows we'll be buying stock in diapers with twins.

One of our cats models the spaciousness of one of the built-ins.
This past weekend I whittled down my books from about 200 to about 100. Now I just need to find a place in our bedroom for a bookshelf to store them on. And I need to start reading them, stat, because I know I won't have time to read once the babies arrive!

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