Thursday, June 14, 2012

16 Week Ultrasound

Today I got to see the babies again! They were both very active and wouldn't sit still for their measurements, but the tech eventually got them all. Baby A is 5.8oz and had a heart rate of 162, and measured in the 9th percentile. Baby B is 6.3oz and had a heart rate of 150, and measured in the 25th percentile. So there's a small difference in size that will be monitored at each ultrasound. Hopefully Baby A catches up to his/her sibling!! But they are both still in range for their "age."

It was kind of an odd ultrasound, as they were measuring parts of the babies, and it was pretty hard to tell what was what because she wasn't looking at the traditional side view (seen below). But it was kind of cool to see their feet close up, and see the individual finger bones. No alien sightings this time around!

The good news is that there is no sign of pre-term labor (yay, no bed rest!), but I'll be checked every two weeks for that from now until 30 weeks. And it turns out Baby B has an anterior placenta (at the front of my uterus as opposed to side or back... there's only so much space, I guess!), so it will probably take longer for me to feel that baby kicking me. So far, nothing from either. So all in all a good appointment!

Now, for some pictures!

Baby A, chilling. Looks like Baby B is sneaking into the photo.

Baby B, antsy as ever.

An attempt at a two-shot. Blue thinks Baby B (I labelled it wrong, sorry) looks like a duck. Baby A is on the bottom.
So there we go! Two healthy babies!

After the appointment, I met up with Blue for dinner. We ended up at a table next to a guy with his two older kids and his set of twins (what are the chances?). He saw me showing Blue the latest ultrasound photos (he couldn't get off work this time) and talking about Baby A and Baby B and chimed in that it all sounded familiar. His twins just turned a year old, and he assured us that if we can survive to a year, we'll start sleeping again and having fun with the babies. Which pretty much confirms what I've heard elsewhere: The first year with twins is hell. But an adorable hell, at least! And I know we'll have friends and family willing to give us a break now and then so we can get a few consecutive hours of sleep (right, guys?). I also got a stroller recommendation from him (the City Mini Jogger, once they are sitting up on their own), and a hearty "Good luck!" as he left.

We'll need it!

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  1. Woo hoo! Great to hear, I just got a City Mini Jogger, but a single not a double. :-) We played with strollers at Babies R Us for an hour and that was our favorite!