Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy (Belated) Father's Day!

And it was a happy day indeed!

I wore my twins t-shirt, which elicited reactions ranging from "Really?" (my grandmother) to outright shrieking (Aunt S) from various family members. It was pretty awesome and fun. Totally worth waiting until Father's Day, as hard as it was not to ruin the secret, so we could see people's reactions in person. Blue got lots of hugs too, of course!

At some point in the afternoon I put this photo up on Facebook.

Some people thought I was referencing my boobs, but luckily others caught on quickly and got the ball rolling. At this point I think we have 75 congratulatory and/or disbelieving comments and around that many "likes." We're totally feeling loved today. You guys are all available to babysit, right?

Blue was wearing this t-shirt, but I couldn't catch him in a photo. He did get comments when we went to the grocery store!

It mirrored the one my parents got him that he wore to our wedding afterparty quite nicely:

So, other than the traffic we hit driving back to our house last night, yesterday was a pretty amazing day! A good first Father's Day for Blue!

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