Monday, June 25, 2012

Probably Halfway There

Eighteen weeks. INSANE! Given that the average delivery for twins happens at 36 weeks (though I hope to hit 38, for their sake), I am very likely halfway through my pregnancy.

And so far, it's been surprisingly easy and awesome (knock wood). I know as I get larger I'll get achier and sleep less and pee more (if that's possible), but I'll take that as it comes. One week at a time. That's what's gotten me this far so quickly (it seems).

Check out that baby bump:

And a front-view of my countdown shirt (and super comfy skirt):

Skirt: Old Navy, $19.94
This week, the babies are supposedly the size of sweet potatoes! This should make Blue happy, as he loves sweet potatoes. I don't really get the fascination, as I much prefer a classic baked potato with butter, salt, sour cream, cheese and bacon. Although that might just be the babies talking...

I think our babies might be a bit bigger than this based on our last ultrasound, but since I have another one tonight, I'll try to get more accurate measurements.

I'm highly amused by the fact that they might get the hiccups. I keep picturing jumping beans. Or popcorn popping. I'm still a little sad I don't feel them yet, but I suppose I should count my blessings that they aren't distracting me from work more than I already am.

So there you go. Sweet potato babies!


  1. Shoot I'm supposed to be working right now! I totally get the distraction! Second week in a row that the baby is the size of one of my aversions, granted I have so many aversions that the odds were in their favor.

  2. You look great Red! Pretty soon those twins will be eating sweet potatoes :)

    1. aww thanks! cause I'm starting to feel like a whale haha.