Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Goodbye, Capris

I am Audrey Hepburn no more. I discovered tonight that I have ripped a hole in the butt seam of the capris I featured in an earlier post. They are beyond fixing, and are obviously now too small for my ever-expanding figure anyways. There is only one thing to be done.

Buy a bigger size.

Monday, July 30, 2012

23 Weeks!

Hopefully at least 13 more to go, which would bring us to October 27th-ish. Even more hopefully, 15 to go, which would bring us to November 12th-ish. But only time will tell! And both of those options sound FAR too short!

This week the babies go into a wider range of length/weight because it can really start to vary from here on out, especially since they're twins. I won't have another growth check until August 14th, so all I have are these estimates. I'm guessing they are on the higher end of this range because two weeks ago they were already 13oz. But basically, we have grapefruit babies this week!

I had an appointment this morning to check for pre-term labor again (every two weeks. woo.) and luckily things are looking good. Even better than last time, in fact! What they do is measure cervical length. It gets shorter as the body readies for labor, so a long measurement is good. I was a 3.4cm this week, and two weeks ago I was 3.2, so it's good news all around. Luckily they also took a look at the babies, mainly to train someone on the equipment. I wasn't about to argue at some extra baby-watching time! I just can't get over their little noses!

Baby B
 Baby B reminds me of this meme guy this week because of how baby's fist is:

And here's Baby A:
Baby A
They have both been super active lately, so much so that I can actually see my stomach jumping around. It's so cool. And weird. I can't help but think of the scene from "Alien" where the alien comes through the guy's stomach. I was going to put up a picture but really, it's too gruesome for me. But we all know what scene I mean.

When I have more time I'll do another post on our "Babymoon" we went on last week. So annoyed to be back at work today, but glad we took the time off to get away and relax!

Monday, July 23, 2012

22 Weeks!

Number of weeks...Two-Two! (This should be said in a sing-song manner like we used to do when playing bingo on camping trips. I miss campground bingo. But I digress.)

Four weeks to go until the third trimester. What the heck!? On some level I'm glad it's going quickly, but on pretty much all other levels I'm a bit panicked that in less than four months two babies are going to be relying on me and Blue for everything. And as they get older they are going to expect me to have all the answers, because I'm Mommy. I guess I could always call MY mommy, because to me she still has all the answers.

In any event, at 22 weeks the babies are anywhere from 13 to 21 ounces. Knowing our kiddos, they are probably definitely over a pound each. They are the size of papayas.

This explains why my ribs have been hurting. There is probably a papaya baby (or two) wedged in there. And here I thought my long torso would save me from that kind of ache.

They are growing eyelashes and eyebrows, and are sleeping in cycles that usually last about 13 hours. I feel nudges when I get up in the morning and later at night, so they must be sleeping most of the day. Won't THAT be fun after they are born and we want them to sleep at night.

I'm feeling pretty good myself, other than the rib pain. No stretch marks (knock wood), no cankles, just a belly button that is getting ever-closer to being flat. So. Weird. On the plus side, I've had a few people recently tell me that I had the pregnancy "glow." Woo. Judge for yourself:

"Glow" could also be "sweat." We were walking on a hot day.

I also had my first real craving today. Woke up from a nap and HAD to have chips and dip. So off to the supermarket we went. So worth it. So delicious. Kind of ruined my appetite for dinner, but oh well!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Honest Toddler Blog

I don't have much to add today about me, but was recently pointed towards this hilarious blog called The Honest Toddler. Some excerpts from a post called "I'm Sorry":

"You seem tired and short tempered this morning which is why I felt more comfortable writing this than having a face-to-face. Can I get you anything? A cup of coffee? While you’re up please bring me a sippy cup of juice and some unbroken crackers. Oh that’s right. We don’t have crackers… I recall you saying that around 1:15. That’s OK. Why keep the house stocked with my favorite foods? I’m sure we have two kinds of wine though. But that’s fine."

"This seems like as good a time as any to bring up the possibility of reintroducing cosleeping. I can’t promise I won’t judo kick you to the face like I used to but at least one of us will get a good night’s sleep and isn’t that what matters?"

If you are a parent, I highly advise you to check it out. Or even if you aren't. It cracks me up. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ramblings of an Overheated Preggo

It is hotter than blazes out there! I'm not really sure of what "blazes" are but I am confident Manhattan is way hotter than them today. (cue Will Ferrell's voice: Manhattan. It's so hot right now. [name the movie!])

This happening would not surprise me today.

I went to pick up the first half of my order of baskets for the nursery and am so glad they only had half my order in stock. Those little baskets get really heavy in bulk! There is absolutely no way I'd have been able to carry all twenty baskets (I am using a lot of baskets in the built-in shelving so we don't need furniture). As it is, I'm leaving half of the half of my order at work and will take them home tomorrow (yes, that would be a quarter of my order. I can does maths!). I barely made it back to work with the baskets in this heat. A new coworker kindly offered to go with me next time to help, which was incredibly sweet of her. I probably should have taken her up on it but I'd be going at lunch and would feel bad taking up half her lunch hour.

Especially in this godforsaken heat! (Is the heat itself godforsaken, or are WE godforsaken for having to suffer in it? Discuss.)


A man offered me his seat on the subway today. Perhaps I've made it past the "Is she fat or pregnant?" phase that seems to have been holding men back. In any event, I was very grateful to accept.


On the train in to work this morning, I saw a pregnant woman filling out the paperwork for the daycare we decided to go with. I immediately panicked that I haven't done so yet and am now totally paranoid there will be no spots for us in February/March. I'm hoping she was filling it out for the other location, but it lit a fire under my butt nonetheless. Now if I can just remember to do it tonight instead of jumping in the pool and then immediately collapsing on the couch in air-conditioned bliss.

Have I mentioned it's hot?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Nursery Progress

This weekend my mother and I made some progress on the nursery. And by "my mother and I" I mean "my mother" because she wouldn't let me be around the paint and I was just generally useless but very supportive.

We bought some soft green paint for an accent color to paint the back of the built-in shelving unit. We also took off the doors that used to go on the unit for easier access to the baskets. Right now there's just the one basket, but I just ordered a slew more. These baskets will hold clothing and other baby paraphernalia. We'll have baskets in yellow and in green to mix it up a bit. Only a little of the green paint will ultimately peek through. My stuffed animals are holding down the fort for now.

We (again, my mom) also cleaned all of Black Cat's fur off of the glider and put a towel down to prevent her from furring it up again. She'll probably jump right back on once the babies come and the towel is gone though...

The room is coming together and looking much more like a usable nursery (except for the full-sized bed still in the room for now for guests). I still have to finalize the Home Depot installation of our hardwood floors, but I did call and confirm the materials and realized they had us down for more expensive flooring that had a similar name to what we want. So we'll be saving a few hundred dollars now that it's been fixed. Woohoo!

Blue and my stepdad went to a baseball game on Saturday but still managed to fix our chandelier, put up the gate on the pool deck, remove my old bureau and desk (which my parents are taking) and arrange the new bureau and desk in our bedroom, and install a shoe rack my stepdad built for me that helps us gain a bit more space in the bedroom. So everyone was very productive.

I, on the other hand, emptied the dishwasher and supervised everyone else...

Although, I did succeed in torturing my mom for a bit after I told her we knew genders but weren't going to tell her until they arrived Friday. I bought an outfit for each baby that would make gender obvious and wrapped them up as her early birthday gift. Many squeals were to be heard--probably throughout the neighborhood--as she opened each part.

And now she gets to enjoy torturing everyone else, especially her sisters, until we decide if/when to reveal the news (aunts, try to be kind when attempting to pry the info out of her!). Maybe we'll wait until they are born, maybe we'll cave a little earlier. We shall see!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

21 Weeks!

This week makes 21 weeks along. I've known I was pregnant for 119 days, and there are about 133 days to go until my official due date (but as I've said, they will come early). Crazy! Sometimes it feels like just yesterday I was shaking reading the word "pregnant" on the test--and had no idea it was twins!

Look at that belly!

The countdown continues!
What are the chances this shirt fits until I deliver? I made it before I knew it was twins so I was just counting on a "regular" pregnancy. That said, it IS a size XL. So we'll see...

This week the babies are supposedly the side of pomegranates.

But as we saw at my ultrasound last week, they are likely already 13 ounces-plus each, so they're a bit ahead of thebump.com's prediction. Which is okay, since they just use averages. Some babies weigh more, some weigh less. I'll take bigger (and hopefully healthier) over smaller any day! Of course, once (if?) stretch marks appear I'll likely change my tune.

If you've been paying close attention, you might have noticed that they went from 6.5 inches in length last week to 10.5 inches this week and be wondering if they just had a superhuman growth spurt. Well, no. Up to now length has been measured from "crown to rump." This week, length begins being measured from head to toe. So now their legs are being included.

And they are exercising those little legs more and more against my insides. But I'll take it if it means I know they are doing okay. I think it's mainly Baby B so far because the nudges have been higher and Baby A is lower, but he or she might have snuck a leg up towards my ribs for a jab or two for all I know.

This weekend I decided to break my no-booze rule a little bit. And by little, I do mean little.

Guess which glass is mine?

I still really want an ice cold beer, preferably Yuengling. About 15 weeks to go...maybe 17. I can do it.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Anatomy Scan... and Gender?

My children are already stubborn and disobedient. At today's ultrasound they'd be waving until we needed a shot of their hand, and then their little hands would clench and be hidden away. They'd be kicking until we needed ankle shots, and then they'd cross their legs and hide their feet. I scolded them, told them to listen to Mommy, and nothing. Blue tried to use his Daddy powers, but they would just roll and face the other way. Eventually, after almost two hours, we did get all of the shots we needed, and the doctor said everything looks great! Phew!

They are now 13oz each, which means that Baby A has caught up to Baby B and there isn't that discrepancy in size we saw four weeks ago. Yay!! Way to go Baby A!

Also, I am weak. So very, very weak. I thought I could tell gender based on some angles they got today, but Blue told me that I hadn't studied sonography and really couldn't tell. So of course that pushed me over the edge to find out. I think that was his secret plan, even though he kept saying he could wait until they are born but that it was my decision. So much for Team Green...

And I was right! So of course the first thing I did was turn to Blue and say, "I told you so!"

Still not going to share though. Mwhahahaha! At least not until after my baby showers. I really don't want to be inundated with gendered clothing and accessories, as well-meaning as people are. Now, to see if I can keep the secret that long...

In any event, here are some photos of our nearly one-pound babies!

Baby A, 20 weeks and 3 days. Baby's arm is bent and hand is by chin. Mouth looks slightly open. So cute!

Baby B, 20 weeks and 3 days. Look at the cute little chin!
While last time they were yin-yanging, today they were both facing the same way, which added to the difficulty in getting measurements. The tech kept having to recheck which baby she was looking at. We got a lot of glimpses of them squished together, saw them hugging and then spooning, and apparently Baby B likes to get its hand right in Baby A's face a lot. Blue thinks they are still alien babies. I beg to differ. But in any event, we got a lot of shots like this:

Two heads are better than one, right? B on left, A on right, I think.
I still can't fathom how big they are going to get and, as a result, how enormous I am going to get. Oy. One thing that is somewhat reassuring is that the smallest baby ever to be born and survive was around 13oz. So if something went horribly wrong and I went into labor now (which all signs still point to them staying put, thank goodness!), there is hope that they'd be okay. I like to look on the bright side.

So there you go! Hoping to make more progress on the nursery this weekend when my parents come down, and going to call Home Depot to get the ball rolling on our hardwood floors. Lots to do!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I mentioned last week that my brother took a few photos of me when we were up at a wedding in Vermont. He's done his photographer thing and made them look even awesomer by tweaking color and other magical things. I love them! I can't wait for him to do a longer maternity shoot in August (I hope!). So here's me right around 19 weeks:

Beamer Photography

Beamer Photography

In other exciting news, I am 90 percent sure I've felt some nudges from what I think is Baby B over the past week. Usually it's when my arms are crossed over my belly when trying to nap on the train, or when I'm sitting too close to the desk at work. It's a sensation unlike anything I've felt before, so I think I can confidently say it's not gas! It's been happening almost every day and is very reassuring. I'm still looking forward to my anatomy scan tomorrow to make sure they are on track and healthy, of course!

And now I'm also paranoid that they are going to team up on me and break some of my ribs. I read about a woman who had four ribs broken by her baby kicking... And what can you really do about that until after they are born? So I'm hoping they are gentle with their mama...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Officially Halfway Done!

I know I've said several times on here that I'm probably halfway done. Well, now I am officially halfway done, although it is VERY unlikely I'll make it to 40 weeks with twins. Twenty weeks. Five months. Holy crap. And I'm going to get fatter?

This week the babies are roughly the size of bananas. While they are about 6.5 inches from head to rump, from head to toe they are more like 10 inches. They're starting to fatten up, which will keep them warm during the second half of pregnancy. They are also starting to develop taste buds. Guess I better watch what I eat so they don't get a crazy sweet tooth!

From thebump.com
As for me, I'm still doing well. Lately my back has been a bit achy, but I partly blame uncomfortable chairs for that. I have a nice new footrest at work, which is helping a bit. And luckily no crazy swelling yet, so no cankles! Yet. I'm sure that's on it's way.

I do get a lot of, "You're how many months? Wow!" and then I have to explain that it's twins and that no, I have not been overindulging at the buffet line or anything. Then I get, "You're going to get so big!" Helpful, really, people. Like that fact has slipped my mind!

This Thursday is our anatomy scan, where they measure everything. So I'll have some up-to-date stats and pictures for you then. We're still going to try to NOT find out gender, although I have to admit it is mighty tempting.

And now, to finish out today, a celebratory music video:

Mainly for the "halfway there" part of the song. Plus, heck, with twins on the way I guess we are living on a prayer!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fourth of July

I hope everyone stayed cool on the Fourth! We lucked out in that it wasn't oppressively hot, but we still went in the pool a few times. It was exciting to have the first non-us people in our pool (only took two years). One guest, drink in hand while in the pool, said he felt like he was on vacation. I love summer for just that reason! We also played a little wiffleball (wish I could play a real game of softball but that's probably not a good idea right now) and frisbee. We won't discuss my *awesome* frisbee skills...

I had a little too much fun preparing and decorating. I used beach buckets for chips and mason jars for vases that held daisies from our garden. A little ribbon, some flags, and a few pinwheels completed the festive Fourth vibe.

Blue grilled up burgers, hot dogs, hot sausage, and chicken that I marinated in a Bourbon marinade (gotta get my booze on somehow). Everything was delicious. We also had salad, but people mainly went for the meat. That's what a BBQ is all about, right?

I also made some sangria that we have a bunch leftover of. How long is sangria good? Hoping my mom can help us drink some of it when she's down next weekend to help on the nursery again. I had a sip and it was so good, I wish I could drink it all myself!

Then we had a pretty amazing sunset before the entire neighborhood started setting off fireworks (which lasted until midnight...joy).

All in all a great day, and I'm glad we got to have friends over for a BBQ. Hoping to get another one in before summer is over, but we have a busy few weeks ahead so we'll see!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Black Cat--Approved

As I mentioned last week, we got a great deal on a glider-ottoman set from Babies R Us. We got it into the nursery (barely) and stepped back as our two cats (Black Cat and White Cat --- everyone is a color in our house!) sniffed it out. Black Cat was scared of it at first, or maybe was just creeped out by my reading a kid's book out loud to her. In any event, it took them a few minutes to get used to it. While they've both taken their turns on it, judging by the amount of black fur already in place on the seat, I'd have to say it's Black Cat's new favorite spot in the house. I hope she's not too upset when I use it with the babies!

Another Week Gone By

Well, here we are: 19 weeks along! Time is seriously flying. Our busy summer is certainly helping with that! This past week I had a work event and a weekend trip to Vermont for a family member's wedding. It was at a ski resort, and we had to take the chairlift up to the ceremony site. I was a little nervous but made it up and back without falling on my face trying to maneuver on/off the chairlift.

It was a gorgeous day, and I felt rather pretty and less whale-like than I thought I would. You can judge for yourself once I get a photo from my brother, who did some quick "maternity" shots of me on top of the mountain.

This week, the babies are mangoes!

Their brains are forming neural pathways for the five senses so they'll be able to hear, see, smell, taste, and feel the world around them when they are born. Their hair is also starting to grow, which is kind of crazy to think about. If they are like me, they'll be born with lots of hair. If they take after Blue, they'll be bald. We'll just have to wait and see!

As for me, this week I developed a fun thing where, if I lay flat on my back for a while, the skin on my right thigh goes numb. It's really weird, but doesn't hurt or anything. Babies must be resting on a nerve! I've really been trying to sleep on my side, so I got one of those body pillows to encourage me to be on my side. My preferred sleeping position is on my back though, so it's really hard to be comfortable all night on my side. Plus being on my side all night is making my shoulders hurt, oddly enough. But I'll keep trying!

One more week and I'll officially be halfway done, although I highly doubt I'll make it to 40 weeks!

And if I don't make it on for another post before Wednesday, have a happy and safe Fourth of July!