Monday, January 7, 2013

More Smiles

Indigo decided to finally show Blue his newest accessory: his smile! It seemed that whenever he was smiling and I'd call Blue's attention to it, Indigo would stop immediately. But tonight after bathtime Indigo decided to share. Blue agrees it's a more wide-mouth happy smile, rather than Periwinkle's sort of sly smile. Either way, we love it! Still no photo of it though, sorry. It's still too fleeting an occurrence.

Periwinkle was also very smiley tonight, and the odd part was it was during her bath! Maybe I'll just stick her in the tub next time she's crying like crazy. She seemed to love the warm water tonight!

My in-laws didn't believe us that she is usually quite ornery, especially after, when they babysat Saturday night, she was an angel for them. Figures. But yesterday we went over for the afternoon and she showed her true colors. It's not that we wanted her to cry, we just wanted other people to see what we are dealing with most days. And today Indigo decided to try out the crying thing, too. It was a long day, which made the smiles tonight extra rewarding.

And I'm assuming both are sleeping contentedly right now. I have no idea, since I gave Blue the monitor. Mwhahahaha!

Here's a photo of them from Sunday, looking quite put together and adorable:

I'm doing the 365 days of photos project thingy, and this is Day 3 of my restart. I'd been using another app called My365 since November, but it seemed to be big only in Asia and no one I know was seeing the photos. So now I'm using Instagram like everyone else, even though it doesn't put the photos in a calendar format like the My365 app, which I really liked. I'll save all those photos so I have them, but I'm restarting the project for simplicity's sake. It'll be cool to see them grow day by day!

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