Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hot Air Balloon

I'm working on my big final nursery post, but first I wanted to show you one part of it---the hot air balloon. When I was a baby, I had this hot air balloon in my nursery. I'm not sure what store it came from, but I kept it hanging in my room all the way through college (at home, not in my dorm). I just really loved it, despite its decidedly '80s vibe.

When I moved out, I took it with me, although it never got hung. So when it came time to do the nursery for the twins, I knew I wanted to include it. It helped that I was really in love with the idea of a hot air balloon/elephant/giraffe nursery "theme." Except my color scheme is grey and yellow, and the original balloon was definitely not in that scheme.

Original balloon
So I asked my aunt if she could somehow redo the balloon, keeping the original structure but re-covering it in fabrics in my colors. It helped that she was also doing the crib skirts and curtain, so she knew what kind of fabric I had in mind. I'm pretty sure it was a bit of a challenge, but she came through, in a big way. It came out way better than I'd ever hoped.

New and improved!

She even added Dumbo!

Flying high

I just love it. It was the final touch the nursery needed (although I'm still working on putting some kind of art on the wall above the changing table).

Hope to have a complete nursery post in the next few days!


After posting this yesterday, my mom emailed me to tell me more about the balloon:

I saw your post about the balloon. I happen to remember exactly where it came from. I got it at the Cummington Balloon Fest. It was at one of the booths and it cost $18, which was much more than I could afford for something so frivolous, but I loved it and wanted it for your room. I never regret buying it.

I'm so glad you bought it, too, Mom! I hope the babies love it as much as we do!

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