Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cleaning House

Literally. I put the babies in the pack n play despite their protests so I could vacuum. I looked over two minutes later and they were sound asleep. I might have to vacuum on a daily basis now!

The floor in our closet is also getting some extra love, unfortunately because one of the cats keeps peeing in it. And on the bathmat. And on one of the baby blankets. And on the cat bed, which I just ended up tossing because they don't use it anyways. I had been thinking this was a protest against the babies, or a marking of territory, but then my parents mentioned my childhood cat was doing similar things and ended up having a UTI. So, off to the vet we go tomorrow. I actually hope it is a UTI, because that is fixable, and not anti-baby angst, because that we'd just have to wait out. And I already have enough laundry to do without having to redo the sweaters in our closet on a weekly basis. I'll feel terrible that I've been upset at the cats for the past three weeks if it turns out one of them is sick, of course, but it's better than them hating us for bringing home the babies, I suppose.

Okay, off to put away laundry, finally. Got to take advantage of this vacuum-induced naptime!

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  1. Get the Happiest baby on the block CD. It has a track of Hair dryer noise, sounds kind of like a vacuum cleaner. Or just a white noise machine.