Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

I hope 2013 is treating all of you well so far! Yesterday we just chilled at home. I didn't even get out of my pajamas. It was fantastic. We watched some movies, cuddled some babies, and I spent some time working on a freelance project that is due today. I'm hoping I can finish up when the babies take a nap, if they'd just decide to nap at the same time!

We finally set up the swing we got and tried both babies in it. They seemed okay with it, but at the time were too riled up/hungry to stay in it for long. We'll try again today. It's a nice place to put a baby while I'm working, and that way Blue only has to watch one. Plus it gives babies some one-on-one time with each of us.

We also opened up their last few gifts from family members we didn't see at the holidays. They each got a glow worm, and Indigo got a glowing seahorse thing that makes music. Unfortunately for him, Periwinkle is probably going to use it more. She was a bit ornery this morning (of course) but once I put the seahorse next to her, she got quiet, and then got full of smiles.

I got maybe 45 minutes of happy Periwinkle before she wigged out again. She spent some time in the Ergo while I finished up my freelance project, and is currently crying again as I sit here hoping the seahorse can work its magic again (edited: it didn't. She's currently in my lap making little whimpers as she gathers her breath again). Indigo is just staring at her as if saying, "What is her problem and can you turn it off?"

Speaking of Indigo, I got the first REAL smiles out of him today. Big, wide-mouthed, gummy-toothed grins. It melted my heart. The grins came with real, prolonged eye contact, too. He's been a bit behind Periwinkle on these things, so it was so nice to see him catching up a bit. I'll try to catch the grins on camera next time but I didn't have one near me.

Lucky for us, we are entering the new year with two babies who are sleeping really well at night (although Periwinkle still struggles to nap during the day). We even got 6.5 hours out of them one night, followed by a five-hour chunk! We can work with that!

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