Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Five-Month Checkup

The babies went to the pediatrician today for their five-month well visit. The little lady is 13lb14oz and 24 inches long. Her brother is a whopping 15lbs even and 26.25 inches long!

I can't believe he has 2.25 inches on her! I mean, I can tell he's taller but I didn't realize how much. Looks like he might be getting some of the height genes from my side of the family (my brother and father are a few inches over six feet and I am 5'8''). Plus Blue has a few tall relatives, although he doesn't quite break the six-foot barrier himself. So we'll see!

I can definitely tell Indigo is heavier than Periwinkle every time I lift them in their carriers. Using a stroller to pick them up at daycare is becoming a very real possibility.

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