Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Relief in Sight

I think I love my new allergist. She was so nice and understanding and said she will find a way to help me. Then I can frolick through a meadow like this chick:

First up, repair my poor nose. She gave me a sample of a prescription nasal inhaler thingy along with a prescription, if I like it. It's new so I'm hoping my new (crappy) insurance will cover it. She did tell me it's not an instantaneous relief like the Afrin I've been using in recent weeks. She also told me to stop using the Afrin, pronto, because it's not for long-term use. Sad. I'm expecting a few days of misery before my new regimen kicks in.

She also prescribed me a new allergy med, so goodbye Zyrtec-D. Gee, I'm glad I stocked up on that while pregnant so I'd use up my FSA money... I guess I could always cook up some crystal meth (kidding, kidding). The new drug doesn't have decongestant, but, coupled with the inhaler, should give me relief.

In three weeks I go back for allergy testing. I haven't been tested since 2007 and I feel like they've gotten worse. After that, we'll discuss allergy shots. Yay! There is hope for my poor nose and sinuses!

I also need to replace the filter in my HEPA filter thingy more often. And dust my bedroom more than once every six months. That'll probably help a great deal...

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