Friday, March 1, 2013

A Trip to the ER

So it turns out Indigo really wasn't feeling well. He didn't have a temp yesterday morning, so off to daycare he went. I got a call around 1:30pm that he had a 101.2 fever, so Blue picked him up and brought him to the doctor. His temp was then a tad over 102. His white blood cell count was high, and they ruled out an ear infection, so they sent the boys off to the Pediatric ER at the hospital I delivered at. I think Indigo just wanted some of that extra hospital time that Periwinkle got during her NICU stay.

They did some more blood tests, urinalysis, and a chest x-ray to rule out some stuff. Everything came back clear, which is good, except that it left us without a diagnosis.

The in-laws helpfully came by to watch Periwinkle while I headed to the hospital. Of course, as I got there they discharged him! He looked so tiny on the adult-sized bed. I walked into the room and I could see these tiny legs in the corner. He was kind of adorable. He had a splint on to keep his antibiotic drip IV in place, poor guy.

As I was dressing him, he spit up some bloody mucus, which was kind of scary. We got the doctor back and they decided it was the result of suctioning his nose earlier. He did it one more time at home but other than that seems fine now.

I have to admit, loving being home with him today. Periwinkle went to daycare so Indigo and I are having some quality mother/son time. I'm just hoping he stays fever-free!


  1. Oh gosh that sounds so scary! I'm glad he's doing better!

    1. Yeah I'm kind of happy Blue was the one to go and see him get poked and prodded because that would have stressed me even more. He's doing 100% now though!