Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sleep Update

Well, something must have clicked for the babies in the past few days. First off, they seem to be napping better. That has led to better nightsleep.

Sunday night they resisted going to bed because they'd napped perhaps TOO much that day, but then slept until about 5:30am, when they got chatty.

Monday night Periwinkle was crying around 4am so I got bottles ready, by which point she'd fallen asleep again. Back to the fridge went the bottles.

And last night not a peep. I asked Blue if he'd taken care of a nightwaking that I slept through, but no. Just a little chattiness from Periwinkle around 5:30am, that was it. 


I gave her her pacifier before I headed to work, and I'm hoping she fell asleep so Blue could sleep another hour or so. (P.S. It was so great to see her smiley face before going to work!)

Here's hoping this is the new normal, because it feels amazing getting six hours of sleep at a shot!!


  1. Yeah, we're going to give sleep training another shot this weekend. I'm not looking forward to it but Kinley appears to be backsliding and I want to get back on track. Since we got back from PA, she's been waking up around 1:00 again, at which point I bring her into bed with us and she wakes up one more time (usually around 4:00) before waking up for good around 7:00.

    It's probably because of the time change but I want to get her back to skipping the 1:00 am feeding! I know she's physiologically capable of it, whether *I* am emotionally capable of letting her cry it out remains to be seen!

    1. We never let them cry longer than five minutes, just to see if they were really distressed or could settle back down. We would go in and give the pacifier, or put a hand on their chest, and if really upset pick them up just long enough to stop crying, then back down. Now usually just the hand on the chest is enough, but quite a lot of the time they settle within that five minutes. Last night I only had to go upstairs twice after putting them down, and they had no nightwakings, again. Loving it. I hope Kinley gets back in the groove soon!