Friday, March 15, 2013

Another Doozie

Last night was a bit better, but not great. We got some longer chunks of sleep in, but it took over an hour to get Periwinkle back to sleep after she woke up at 10:30pm (JUST as we were going to bed... she knew!). There are just so many variables I'm not sure what to think.

1. She still isn't feeling great -- she is eating less per feeding and spitting up a bit more than usual. Her brother, on the other hand, has shown himself quite capable of having a few 8oz bottles a day. Yikes!

2. Her naps are not long enough. Three 45-minute naps do not a well-sleeping baby make. I'm hoping that we can get her to nap well over the weekend. The daycare might just not have the manpower to devote to getting her to nap longer when she needs a little help getting back to sleep during sleep-cycle transitions (which happen about 45 minutes in).

3. Is it time to get rid of the Woombie already? She seems to want to gnosh on her hands, but when we release her arms and let her, she isn't satisfied and still wants the pacifier she dropped as she drifted to sleep. And she doesn't have the hand coordination yet to pick it up and get it in her mouth herself. Which brings us to...

4. Time to get rid of pacifier dependency? She had been doing fine with falling asleep without it, but this week she seems to need it again. Maybe because she's still not feeling well?

I just don't know. I figure we'll give her a few more days to get to 100% health before we mess with her routine again. Part of me wonders if we messed with something that wasn't broken when we moved their bedtime earlier... but other parts of me wonder if they need an even earlier bedtime. According to many things I've read and heard anecdotally from other parents, too late of a bedtime can lead to multiple nightwakings, which is what's happening this week. Sigh. At a loss. Trial and error might be the only way to figure this one out.

I'm just glad Indigo is still doing pretty well, although he did have a brief wakeup around 1:30am. He also seems to want to nibble on his hands, so it might be time for him to ditch the swaddle/Woombie as well. Maybe I can sell them (the Woombies, not the babies) on eBay? Do people still use eBay?

At least they are cute. Even if Periwinkle looks a little moody.

Day 71 Project365. Yes, they are part Irish, among many other things. My little mutt babies!

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