Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Setback

The good news is that Indigo did really well last night, until he decided to start playing follow the leader at 5am and cry like his sister was. He slept from 8:20 to 3am, then 3:30am to 5am, then 6am to 7:45am, when Blue woke him to go to daycare. I blame his sister for both wakeups.

Periwinkle didn't nap great last night, was probably feeling residual sickness even though she didn't have a fever, and was in a swaddle sleep sack because her Woombie was still wet from getting washed (air dry only). All of this added up to a sleepless night for all of us. She was up at 12:45am and then at 2:15am. We caved and fed them at 3am, and then were up with her crying and eventually Indigo too at 5am. I got both of them back to sleep after swaddling her in a fuzzy blanket instead of the sleepsack (maybe she was cold?) and rocking them  both. Then I went to work, on maybe three hours of non-continuous sleep. Blue got to sleep another hour and a half, lucky bastard. At least one of us got a few zzzs. I did nap on the train, and am eagerly awaiting the closing bell so I can nap on the way home too.

All I have to say is I hope she naps well today and thus isn't overtired tonight, so that she can sleep, and we can sleep. And I hope Indigo has another good night. Because I don't think I can do two nights in a row like last night...

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