Friday, March 22, 2013

Morning Dropoff

Rocking Star Trek onesies last weekend. Day 73 of Project 365.
It's a good thing I don't usually do daycare dropoff in the morning, because I'd be really tempted on a daily basis to play hooky with these two goofballs. Blue is travelling for work this week so I've been in charge. They are usually so chipper in the morning! When I hand them over to the daycare teachers, Periwinkle inevitably gives one of her hiccuping laughs and a huge smile crosses her face. She's so happy to be there! This makes me both happy and sad. She probably doesn't even remember when I was home with them during my leave.

Moody babies. Day 75 of Project 365.

By the time I pick them up in the afternoon, she's a moody mess from not napping enough and cries all the way home. Then it's time to squeeze in one last nap, a final bottle, and then bed by 8pm. In fact, last night she finally conked out for that "nap" at 7 so I ended up dreamfeeding her in the swing and putting her to bed without waking her up. And she slept until 1:30am! Crazy!

Day 76 of Project 365. Happy Spring!
But where's the fun in that? I miss the interactions we get with them on the weekends. I rarely hear them attempt to talk during the week, since that is a daytime activity for them and by evening they are tired and less likely to "talk." They definitely spend more waking hours with daycare than with us. So, to them, are WE the temporary help, and daycare the all-the-time people? An interesting and sad thought.

Day 77 of Project 365
So, I'm glad it's almost the weekend. Of course, we're visiting family so I'll have to fight to hold them probably, but at least I'll be in the same room with them and can hear their giggles and see their smiles.

Day 78 of Project 365
Yeah, definitely good I don't drop them off every day. I get way too misty-eyed about this whole daycare thing.

Seven hours until I pick them up. I can't wait!


  1. And this post sums up why I became a SAHM. I just couldn't do it anymore. Knowing that daycare got my child's 'best' hours while I got an hour or maybe two of evening fussiness just was too much for me to handle.

    1. I hear ya! Hoping to transition to working from home in the next year so I can keep them home with me.

  2. Aww :-( I'm discovering that I need my time away from Kinley to really maximize the time we do spend together... too much togetherness isn't a good thing, for us. But I can totally relate to missing her. Sometimes I really just wish I could hold her during the day. I'm always so happy to see her at night.

    I hope you can start working from home soon...