Monday, April 1, 2013

Irish Lad

It's kind of crazy, but sometimes Indigo's hair looks reddish. This is particularly visible when I use the Lo-Fi filter in Instagram, which really ups the saturation. Check this out:
Day 86
Also, I hope you all had a happy Easter. These two were rather moody, which goes along with Indigo's recent difficulties falling asleep at night (he's fine for naps but at night, watch out!). We think at least he is teething, perhaps her as well.

Although, Indigo was having a great time with Zio Pippo (Blue's brother. That is what the first niece called him and the name has stuck. "Zio" means "uncle" in Italian and "Pippo" is her version of his name). Indigo was actually laughing! I have to check the video I shot to see if it caught the laugh. It was hilarious.

One of Periwinkle's few calm moments. Happy Easter! Day 87.

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