Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Periwinkle's Turn

Yesterday I got a call from daycare that Periwinkle was running a 100.8 fever. By the time Blue picked her and Indigo up (it was towards the end of the day so he grabbed them both) and got home, it was up to 102.8. When I got home, I got a 102.3 reading, which was confirmed by the doctor last night. Poor kiddo.

Indigo tried to show some support, but he found her pouty Zoolander face too amusing to hold back.

Day 67 Project365
He did hold her hand for a moment, but I wasn't quite quick enough with the camera to catch that.

Blue just called and let me know she's still not eating great and has a temp of 101.2. Looks like I'll be staying home with her tomorrow, as she needs 24 hours without a fever before she can head back to daycare. She goes back to the doctor this afternoon for some more tests. I'm betting she has the same adenovirus that Indigo had a week and a half ago.

Between the two of them, I'm going to be out of vacation days at work by the time September rolls around (when we start our calendar year at work and I get replenished). Which is fine. I've been rolling days over from year to year since I started since I never use them all. I just hope cold and flu season ends soon so these two can be nice and healthy for a while!

In better news, the rain today seems to be suppressing whatever I'm allergic to out there in the world. I don't feel like chopping my nose off for the first time in weeks! This confirms that it's allergies and NOT a cold, which makes me feel better in that I'm not going to infect the kiddos. Small victories...


  1. Poor kid! I'm sorry you're having to deal with this. No backup daycare really sucks when they're ill.

    On the bright side, that's definitely my favorite picture of them to date. They look adorable :-)