Friday, September 7, 2012

You Know You're Getting Big When...

There was a thread on one of my twins message boards with this subject line, and it led to some pretty hilarious comments, most of which I could identify with. I thought I would share some of my favorites with you as a bit of a fun Friday activity.

...the hostess asks if you'd like a booth or a table and when you say "booth" she looks at your belly like, "Are you sure about that?" can't get close enough to the bathroom mirror to see to pluck your eyebrows cuz your belly hits the countertop. have to lean into a turn if you are walking quickly.

...the maternity clothes you bought for this pregnancy are already getting too small. 

...your boss, who knows it's twins, asks if you're SURE your due date is the end of November. (that one is mine) drop something on the ground and seriously have to consider whether it is worth trying to pick back up.   

...your 2 year old hugs you around the legs and you cant see any part of her whatsoever! misplace your phone but JUST had it. Then it rings and you find it out of sight in your lap. hit your belly with the door coming out of the bathroom stall. You just can't seem to slide by it anymore. (seriously, this is a problem)

and perhaps my favorite: are excited that a favorite red, navy, and white striped jersey dress still fits as a tunic. You wear it all day and then catch a glimpse of yourself sideways in the mirror. You realize that you look like a flag, waving in the wind. 


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