Monday, September 17, 2012

30 Weeks, 8 to Go!

Somehow having a 3 start the number of weeks along I am is just so exciting. Babies are born in weeks starting with 3. My babies will be born in a week starting with a 3. Hopefully they stick around to week 38, but they could come sooner. Eight weeks to go, tops. One month and 26 days, according to my Facebook countdown. This never ceases to excite and terrify me. Babies. Two teeny, tiny babies. Holy crap.

Another thing that brings this into a sharper reality is the fact that it's feeling like fall lately. I'm quite chilly when I wake up, as it's under 60 degrees outside and we leave some windows open at night. My body craves pumpkin coffee and apple orchard donuts from Dunkin Donuts, and I start planning warm toasty crock pot meals for dinner. I love fall. Blue and I got married in the fall, almost two years ago, because I just love it so much. And for the past 30 weeks, fall = babies. So here we are. Fall. Babies. Holy crap.

Here's a nice little image of fall, with my boy/girl scarecrow twins and a bunch of pumpkins I grew in our garden this year. Yes, I grew that mother of an orange pumpkin, mainly through benign neglect. But I'm proud of it anyways. And we got seven little white ones, the rest of which are in the house.

So at 30 weeks, I'm still waiting for the famed pregnancy insomnia to set in. Other than getting up to pee three times a night, I'm still sleeping great. I'm not uncomfortable, usually, and nothing aches so much it keeps me awake. ::knocks wood::

This week, the babies are cucumbers. They are likely over 3lbs by now, if they are gaining the usual 1/2 pound a week. So possibly 7lbs of babies. No wonder I look full-term...

The cool thing this week is they are now strong enough to grasp a finger. They've been practicing by grabbing their own hands, umbilical cords, etc. And we all know how strong a baby's grip is! Looking forward to having them cling to me and Blue's fingers once they are born (just leave mama's hair alone!).

So there ya go. 30 weeks. 8 to go.

Holy crap.

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