Monday, September 10, 2012

Guess What?

That's right! We're having one of each gender! Baby A is the boy (and is the one who kicks me all the time) and Baby B is the girl (the one I'm convinced is going to break my ribs one of these days). Baby B is the one who seems to have my nose (phew) and Baby A may or may not have Blue's nose. We'll have to wait until they are born to see! It was so much fun revealing the genders at my second baby shower, with Blue's family, this weekend. Everyone was genuinely excited and it got kind of loud for a few minutes. The rest of the shower was great, too, and I say again that these are two lucky and loved kids. Many thanks to my sister-in-law and mother-in-law for putting it together!

Our house is currently quite the sight of mayhem with all the bags and boxes from the shower strewn about. And half our stuff is currently lodging at Blue's aunt and uncles house! Time to get serious about organizing! That will be a little easier now that the nursery floor is DONE! My stepdad rocks. He even set up one of the cribs (the other is at said aunt and uncle's house) and it's so cool to see it really look like a nursery. Pictures to come once it's more set up.

We moved the guest bed into the living room, which is a bit weird and will take some adjusting (although the cats seem to enjoy it there), but it's just awesome to not have to trudge down and up stairs four times a night. The bathroom is mere steps away! I am hoping my fitful sleeping the past few nights is a fluke and not a now-regular thing. 

So, this week makes 29 weeks along. Holy crap. Nine weeks to go until eviction, unless they come earlier of course. My baby newsletters say they will start moving less and less as they run out of room, but it certainly seems they are kicking up a storm in there! Apparently they will triple in size by birth, but I'm not sure if that holds true for twins (lord help me if it does).

The babies are currently the size of a squash, I'm guessing of the acorn variety.

It is absolutely insane that they could weigh nearly four pounds! I'm thinking more like 3, based on where they were at my last check, but really I have no idea. I will find out tonight at their last ultrasound growth check. I'm so excited to see how big they are! People keep telling me I'm pretty small for twins at this point, but I do have two months to go...

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  1. Very exciting! For some reason I kept picturing one of each!