Sunday, September 2, 2012

Nursery Floor Is In!

With a three-day weekend upon us, Blue decided to see if he could tackle putting in the laminate floor in the nursery himself. Our family member isn't available until next Friday, so we figured if we couldn't do it, he could still come and bail us out. Can't wait to tell him he can have his Friday night back!

With episodes of "How I Met Your Mother" playing on his iPad, Blue got to work Saturday and quickly had this done.

Today he managed to finish off the rest of the room. Here's almost done!

I can't wait to see cribs and everything in here. For now, the guest bed will be going back in for my parents, who are visiting this weekend. Here's the view from the door:

And here's a shot of the end of the room cribs are going to go in:

And another shot of the shelving end of the room, now housing all the crap in the room:

We just need to put in the trim and it's done! Hoping my parents will help with that, or at least get us started by giving us tips on how to do it.

Super proud of Blue for doing this himself! This room (heck, this house) has walls that curve and all sorts of other quirks, so there was a lot of cutting planks on a curve and all that good stuff.

All I did was stand on pieces when he was hammering them together so they wouldn't move. I'd be in our room working on our honeymoon album (two years later, I know) and he'd call for "baby weight!" and I'd go stand on a piece. I also helped hold planks while he was using the circular saw on them. So I wasn't completely useless!

And the honeymoon album would be done by now if I hadn't run out of little mounting squares. Figures. But at least the floor is mostly done, and that's a huge load off my mind. Best hubby ever!

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