Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Baby Size Update!

So yesterday I went in for my fun cervical check and baby growth check. Everything looks good with me, so I get to continue to trudge in to work (my new motto: slow and steady wins the race. Or at least eventually makes it to the office, winded and likely sweaty.)

The babies are looking great. They were very active, as usual. I even felt Baby Girl move and saw it at the same time on the screen. She was NOT a fan of the ultrasound wand. Every time the tech would put it over her and push a little, she would punch right at it as if trying to knock it away. I think she's got some 'tude. She also is apparently directly facing my belly button. Weird. She's looking very healthy at 2lbs14oz, so nearly 3 pounds! The tech confirmed that she seems to have a smaller nose than Baby Boy (sorry dude), and kept calling her a "dainty lady." I like the sound of that.

Baby Boy seems to never stop moving, which means he doesn't sleep much (although he seems quiet right now...shhhh). I hope this isn't a sign of sleep issues to come! He's weighing 3lbs exactly. I got a good shot of him, but not of Baby Girl.  She looked like a mutant in her photos because she was moving so much.

They were both in the 40th percentile for growth, so not too big and not too small! Sounds good to me. They will likely double in size before birth, if they make it to 38 weeks. 

I am just so excited to meet them and see if I recognize their personalities from their movements and seeing them at appointments. Plus I'll then finally be able to come up with color names for them for this blog! (Sorry, no real names will be shared on here.)

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