Thursday, September 27, 2012

Baby Yawn

Today I had my now-weekly ultrasound and non-stress test (monitor babies' heartrates and check for contractions). After quite a wait, I finally got in to the ultrasound. Babies are looking great. Baby Girl still refused to show her face, but we got some major cuteness from Baby Boy. During an attempt to get a 3D image (didn't work out, sadly), we caught Baby Boy yawning. It was seriously the cutest thing ever. I think I even teared up. Just seeing our little boy yawning, his little tongue sticking out... he's a real little baby in there!

Here are some play-by-play photos:

Baby Boy, chilling

The start of a yawn

Open mouth, with a little tongue sticking out.

And now we have a demon child.
That last one reminds me of this guy:

In any event, it was way cuter on the screen than it's coming across in these photos.

And they didn't check growth this week. Apparently that's next week. Ah well. Judging by my new stretch marks they are growing fine.

To see for yourself how fat I'm getting, I had my awesome coworker take some more pictures of me this week.

Compare with four weeks ago:

My belly is way wider, I think. It was so cute and round at 27 weeks.

I can't tell as big a difference from the side. Belly might be sticking out a bit more.

In very exciting news, the babies have a birth date! I'm scheduled for a c-section for November 14th at 8am. I believe it's 1 month and 18 days away. And 1 month and 9 days until I'm done with work! Cannot come quickly enough. I've said it before and I'll say it again, commuting is exhausting these days.

And now it's pretty much bedtime. Except I want to catch that new show Elementary if I can stay awake...


  1. That is so cool! And you look great! Can't even tell there are twins...I think you are carrying them so well...even if it doesn't feel like it! Yay for a due date!

    1. I think I have my long torso to thank for that! Thanks for the compliment. Need it today - rain-drenched preggo doesn't feel so pretty lol.