Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Progress in the Nursery

So, as I mentioned yesterday, Blue built the second crib and the changing table on Friday night and we squeezed them into the nursery. I'm not sure if this has come through in previous photographs, but the room is really quite small. Here are the cribs in place:

Somehow seeing both cribs set up makes it SO real.

We have netting over the cribs to try to teach the cats that they are off-limits. Judging by the holes in the netting and the state I often find the netting in (sagging into the crib), my guess is that training isn't really taking.

They are also having trouble understanding that the changing table is not, in fact, an elevated new kitty bed.

Black Cat gives a big yawn as I wake her from a nap. Man, she's cute.

White Cat isn't going to take any crap from me. He refuses to get off the table.

And here is one of both of them, enjoying the sunshine:

Can't bring myself to just lock them out of the room. They love the sun!

If you add all these pictures together, you can see that I've just shown you the entire room. It's tight. Getting to those baskets full of clothes will be difficult at times. The shelving behind the cribs will be for long-term storage as opposed to daily-used items. And the ottoman for the glider likely won't be going into the nursery after all.

But I am really loving the rug I got. It fills the remaining floor space, pretty much, but is oh-so-soft on my feetsies. I can imagine setting the babies down on it for some tummy time. After I vacuum up the fur, of course.

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