Monday, September 24, 2012

31 Weeks Down, 7 to Go!

So here we are, arrived at another Monday. Another week checked off the calendar. 1 month and 19 days to go. After lying down last night did nothing to relieve the pain in my ribs (aka Baby Girl), the next seven weeks can't go fast enough. It's the most frustrating thing, being able to find no relief anymore. Or maybe it was a one-night thing, and she'll move for me tonight. I can hope...

So this week, the babies are pineapples. Ironically, pineapples are my favorite fruit but I am allergic to them when fresh. Someone up there has a funny sense of humor... But I will enjoy my pineapple babies, at least. They're probably around 3.5lbs, if not almost 4lbs. I'll find out at my growth check Thursday (along with fetal monitoring and contraction testing).

I'm hoping Baby Girl cooperates this week so I can get a picture to show Blue. Shy little girl. No idea where she gets that from, as I was am quite the ham for the camera. I guess she just wants to make a grand entrance at her birth and might keep her cute little face hidden until then. We'll see on Thursday!

We finished setting up nursery furniture, and I have some cute pictures of the cats exploring in there, but that'll be for a separate post later on. Right now, mama wants lunch!

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