Tuesday, September 4, 2012

28 Weeks, aka 7 Months!

aka, am I done yet? It's probably just today's weather (muggy, humid, gross, take your pick of descriptive words), but I'm feeling ready to be done baking babies. I know they need more time and I will keep on truckin', but I really hope fall hurries up and gets here. Today I'm just too tired to be happily pregnant. It happens.

So, the babies are now eggplants. In my mind, that makes them pretty big. In reality, they are still hovering in that 1.5-to-2.5-pound range. This comparison definitely conveys length better than, say, a cauliflower, though.

They are now developed enough that if, God forbid, they were born today they would have something like an 80 percent chance of surviving, with proper medical care. Crazy. Let's keep them in there a few more weeks or even months, though. We still have work to do on the nursery, after all.

Babycenter.com actually has an image of what fraternal twins (or identicals who split SUPER early in the process) look like this week in utero. Kind of cool!

This is about how mine were at last check, with Baby A being the one on the right of the image (and the right side of me) and Baby B being the one on the left of the image (and the left side of me). I've been feeling Baby B moving around more, so the anterior placenta is becoming less and less of an issue. Unfortunately, still feeling Baby B using my ribs as a punching (or kicking) bag. Can I lie down now?

I can't remember if I mentioned this last week, but we found a pediatrician for the babies. She was super sweet, has kids of her own, and I think will be a good fit. There are other doctors there we can see as well, so we might try a few out before definitely settling on one as their primary. Plus the doctor's office is pretty much across the street from the daycare, which will make appointments easy peasy.  One more thing off our checklist!

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