Friday, September 21, 2012

Update on Yesterday's Many Appointments

For a day off, yesterday was quite exhausting. Sleeping in was glorious though, I have to admit. Until the neighbor's kids started playing basketball at 7am. Awesome. I fought through it and slept until almost 9. Or at least dozed.

First up was the anesthesia consult. He just took a brief medical history and cleared me for the anesthesia. I did get to see the L&D ward so that was cool. Although, apparently the hospital has a bit of a parking situation. When I got there, there were NO parking spots available. None. Zilch. Not in their patient lot nor in their visitor's lot. The attendant was in the midst of telling me to go find metered parking on the street, when luckily he saw I was preggers and had me pull up to the valet station. I handed over my keys and trusted they would find a spot for my car somewhere. Which they did. In the aisle of the patient lot. Whatever. Not my problem. Bonus of being pregnant! They all seemed quite amused by my car, too. It looks like this:

It is tiny and zippy and cheerful and I love it. And no, I don't know how we're going to fit two carseats in there either. I already know a double stroller won't fit. Luckily we also have a CR-V...

But I digress.

So next up was the fetal monitoring/contraction testing. Half hour hooked up to little sensors that the babies kept trying to knock off. I should have brought a book... But their heartrates were fine, no contractions, all was well. A quick ultrasound confirmed they still had lots of fluid around them, and two other things:

1) Baby Boy has no modesty. Spread eagle, proudly displaying his manhood. No doubt that he's a boy. It even made the tech laugh.

2) Baby Girl is a future gymnast or something. Her head is down. Her feet are down. Which means she is folded in half. Which makes me wonder exactly WHY my ribs hurt on that side if she's not kicking them... unless this was a temporary position just to hide her face... I haven't seen her sweet little nose in over a month now! She's apparently very shy. Unlike her brother.

Next week I'll get growth updates on them.

Then it was on to lunch (I was starving!), then my regular OB appointment. She said everything seemed good, and I even got a lower score on my glucose test redo! Go me! So no gestational diabetes for me, and hopefully she doesn't make me re-re-do it. She filled out the paperwork for a c-section for November 12th, so we'll see what we get. She did try to get me to switch to an old-fashioned birth, or at least reconsider, but I'm pretty set on the c-section. Judge all you like. Let the mommy wars begin. Don't really care.

And then today I had a dermatologist appointment, at which I discovered my doctor gave birth to her twins right at the point I'm at now -- almost 31 weeks. Just what I want to hear. They spent some time in the NICU but are now three years old and thriving, so I guess that part was good to hear. Just funny that both my rheumatologist and dermatologist have twins. Fate?

So that's the update. Back to work with me now.


  1. I found out I failed my glucose test. The first one anyway, Im on for my second next friday and get to sit at the doctors office for three hours. Did u do the three hour or did u re-do the one hour? Either way Im not excited and I really really really hope I pass.

    1. Aww that's a bummer. She had me re-do the one hour just to monitor me, as I'd passed the first time but I guess she thought the number was a bit too high. Good luck at yours. Bring reading material!