Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Flooring Fiasco

After weeks of deliberation and back-and-forth with Home Depot, we finally ordered flooring for the nursery.

In the beginning of July we got the room measured and requested a quote for a hardwood floor I'd found online. It appeared to match what we have in the rest of the upstairs and wasn't too expensive. Score!

They called with the quote, which was WAY higher than expected. I was confused. I told them we'd think about it.

They proceeded to call us a zillion times, and during one call I realized they had quoted us for wood that was TWICE as expensive as what I told them. I'd even given them the model number. But they decided we needed something more expensive. This led to angry mama. He told me to go talk to someone in person at our local store.

So off we went, and found that the wood I'd picked out was on clearance, and thus was in the store's computers at $0.01 a box. I was all, "Sounds like a good deal to me! Sign me up!" but what this really meant is that they couldn't do anything for us in the store. They gave me some employee's card and told me to call him.

And it turns out he was the guy who told me to go in the store in the first place. And there was no way to assign the project to an installer because the wood wasn't for sale in the stores. It was online only, clearance, and thus they couldn't help us. Can we say stupid? You won't let me pay you to do this, because your computer doesn't see the wood in its system? Bizarro. We decided we'd order it online and have our handy-dandy brother-in-law do it (he was up for it, phew).

This is what it felt like:

At this point I looked at the floors upstairs again and realized it was laminate, not hardwood. Doh!

Now what to do? Continue with the hardwood plan, or try to really match what we already had? Much discussion and indecision later, I made the executive decision to just order the damned laminate. So I did. I only have a vague idea of what other materials and tools we'll need because we are no longer going off the hardwood quote from Home Depot that helpfully listed them all, but between friends who have installed laminate before and aforementioned handy-dandy BIL, I think we'll be okay.

And much to my frustration, the laminate that matched the best and was available soonest was from Home Depot. I really wanted to have nothing to do with them after all the misinformation, but I did it anyways.

I do have to say we will likely be switching to Lowe's for most of our home improvement needs from now on. It's only a little farther away than Home Depot so it's not a big deal.

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  1. Sorry the flooring has been so stressful :( that home depot pic is too funny!