Thursday, August 16, 2012

Belly Photo

So I was feeling rather cute last night before we headed off to Infant Care 101, so I had Blue take a picture. I might make this one of my outfits for my maternity shoot on Sunday, although jeans might be a bit hot...

25 weeks, 2 days

I feel way huger than I look here. Maybe stripes were minimizing for once? It's kind of crazy how many things with horizontal stripes are marketed to pregnant women. And I own a bunch of them. I guess embrace the roundness when it's for a good reason?

I'm also rocking my new glasses in this photo. They are blue (hard to see here). I rather love them. They made me dizzy at first because they are like three times stronger than my old glasses or something like that. Apparently I am both nearsighted and farsighted and should wear glasses all the time. Who knew? Yay astigmatism!

More on Infant Care 101 another time. I'll just say that we now feel very confident in our ability to diaper a teddy bear.


  1. You look great! We have our baby care class next week...I'll look forward to playing with teddy bears!

    1. We had to bring a doll or stuffed animal. All I had was this one perfect-sized bear, so that's what we used. Most people had dolls, or the class gave them one. So you'll probably have something more baby-like. Enjoy!