Monday, August 20, 2012

26 Weeks, Baby Shower, Maternity Shoot

It's been a busy week! First of all, I'm now 6.5 months along. Time is simultaneously speeding up and slowing down. Two more weeks and I'll be into the third trimester!

This week the babies are heads of lettuce, which amuses me given the number of salads I've eaten this summer.

Their hearing is fully functional, and they respond to light. I need to try shining a flashlight at my stomach one of these days. Soon their eyes will be able to open, and they have eyelashes already!

As for me, I feel lucky that a lot of the not-so-fun things haven't been happening (yet). I can still sleep relatively easily other than trips to the bathroom to pee. My back isn't killing me, and my ankles aren't swollen. I just get tired more easily and can't walk long distances (sorry, old omelette place. Switched to one closer to work!). I do have to say I'm done going to baseball games for the duration. Blue and I went to one Friday and while the game was fun, the seats were not. Plus my team lost. Not cool.

I had my baby shower up by where I grew up over the weekend. My mom put together a really cute theme, "Double Dip," and we had a sundae bar and cake pops shaped like ice cream cones (made by my sister-in-law). I got lots of cute outfits, great books to read to them, and useful things like a changing mat, stroller (Chicco Cortina Together), car seats (Chicco Keyfit 30), high chairs (by Graco), one of the cribs (thanks Mom!), and other things I am forgetting. But Blue and I feel incredibly lucky to have such loving and generous friends and family. We really can't thank them enough!

Overwhelmed at the generosity.

Opening a "cupcake" made by my sister-in-law. We'll call her Fuschia.

So as you can see, my sister-in-law, whom we'll call Fuschia because of her intense love of bright pink, made these adorable "cupcakes" as gifts for me. She rolled baby outfits, blankets, and this Pooh snuggle thing into the shapes of cupcakes, complete with cupcake liner and individual boxes. She SO should go into business doing this. She's very creative and crafty like that. She's also the one who made the cake pops. I'll try to get some pictures from my mom of that and other baby shower things.

Here's a picture of me and Fuschia. She even dresses awesomely!

Red and Fuschia. And a crib full of gifts!

One other fun thing from the shower was that I revealed genders, which was exciting. But I'm not sharing here yet, sorry!

The following day, my brother (fantastic photographer) did a maternity shoot for me. Blue got roped into a few photos, and otherwise played assistant, and Fuschia took some behind the scenes photos. It was fun, and perfect weather for it. Here's one sample shot that will be my 26-week photo for you guys. He's still working on tweaking the rest of them.

Beamer Photography
Can we say "Hello, belly"?

More to come from this session in September!

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