Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cats vs. Stroller

I finally got a chance to take a picture of the teddy bear, still in his diaper. He's been living in our living room in some pathetic hope that having something around wearing a diaper will help prepare the cats for impending babies.

A little lopsided, but not terrible.
Speaking of the cats, they were very intrigued as I assembled the stroller. I was very proud to do it all myself (with one "smash" from Blue to help lock a piece in place), even though it required zero tools. Deciphering those drawings takes skills! I particularly liked the part where they put things into three languages, including "Click!" <<clic>> and "Clic!" Just in case Frenchies couldn't figure out what "click" meant.

Black Cat decided to do some quality control, so we now know that the storage basket can hold at least 13 pounds.

"Why isn't this thing moving yet?"

White Cat, who is more reserved (or tries to be), was content to observe from on top of the stroller box. Of course, he later got stuck IN the stroller box when the flap got stuck, but he told me not to share that with you. Oops.

Check out that awesome Photoshop job to erase addresses!
Here's hoping they take to their new siblings as easily!


  1. that little underbasket is where my sister's lazy shitzu ends up on walks haha

  2. My german shepherd wants the little stuffed doll that we have in the nursery so badly. I'm hoping the way he treats his toys is no indication of how he will treat his new sibling! We are going to have our hands full!