Thursday, August 23, 2012

Babies' Taste in Music... and Baseball Teams

Our babies seem to have quite the eclectic taste in music. The other day Nirvana came on Spotify at work and I swear the two of them were headbanging or something in there. They were definitely having a good time. So we might have little grunge babies.

A few weeks ago at Cirque de Soleil they really seemed to respond to a song with lots of bass drum. They like intense, I guess.

And then, just to make me love them even more, a few minutes ago "Sweet Caroline" came on Spotify and they started dancing around. This proves to me that they are Red Sox fans like their mama, something that is sure to send Blue into conniptions.

You see, I married a Yankees fan. We used to discuss how we'd win over ONE baby to our respective team, but with two I was trying to go for an even split. Blue says that's a no go. He's just being selfish, really. I figure they'll either end up hating baseball altogether, or become Phillies fans. ::shudder::

What I do know is that we coincidentally have two Red Sox onesies thanks to a dear friend who humorously bought them for us as a wedding gift two years ago. No Yankees baby stuff in our house... yet.

In any event, one team we CAN agree on is the Boston College Eagles. "Eagles on the warpath, oooh, ah!"

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  1. Baby Veale already has a Red Sox onesie too and I've learned that she really likes the Fenway Park kettle corn! :-)