Monday, August 27, 2012

27 Weeks on the 27th!

I guess this is my "golden" week! Like your golden birthday, which occurs when you turn the age your date of birth is. For me, my golden birthday was my fifth birthday. This seems unfair, as I didn't even know the concept existed. But I digress.

I'm officially wiped out. Uncomfortable sitting, as Baby B wedges into my ribs, but exhausted standing, as my legs and feet ache (but still no swelling!). The best word to describe it is "blargh." I have another cervical check after work and part of me is hoping she puts me on bedrest. But I also know that bedrest will drive me insane, which will drive Blue insane, so it's probably best that that doesn't happen. Wish me luck.

There is no way in hell I would be this zen on bedrest.

So I think I'm in the third trimester now. Some sites/books say third trimester starts at 26 weeks, others at 28, so I'm splitting the difference and declaring myself into the third trimester at 27 weeks. Plus my third trimester will likely be cut short by an early appearance from the babies. Crazy to think they will probably be here in ten weeks (hopefully not sooner). Apparently I will gain weight more rapidly this trimester than in the previous two. I think I need to buy bigger maternity clothes if that's the case...

As for the babies, they are rutabagas and are nearly 2.5 pounds (theoretically) each. That's five pounds of babies! No wonder I feel enormous! They are also getting smarter, showing signs of brain increased activity as their brains continue to develop (braaaiiiiinnnnss). Hoping for smart, nerdy babies.
By the way, what the hell is a rutabaga?


  1. Your so lucky u don't have the swelling! Maybe bc it gets so hot where I work but I had the swelling of ankles at maybe three and a half months. Everyday I leave work with water balloon ankles. : ( Since your having twins I think bed/home rest would be good for u, I honestly wish I could get it.

    1. Aww bummer about the swelling. Work got me a footrest, which helps, and we have decent AC. I think bedrest would be best, probably, but until I HAVE to I will resist. Mainly because dealing with short term disability paperwork sounds painful lol.

  2. Yay for smart nerdy babies! Near the end of my last pregnancy I wanted to go on bed rest so bad so I could stop working, but I know I would have gone absolutely insane.