Monday, July 9, 2012

Officially Halfway Done!

I know I've said several times on here that I'm probably halfway done. Well, now I am officially halfway done, although it is VERY unlikely I'll make it to 40 weeks with twins. Twenty weeks. Five months. Holy crap. And I'm going to get fatter?

This week the babies are roughly the size of bananas. While they are about 6.5 inches from head to rump, from head to toe they are more like 10 inches. They're starting to fatten up, which will keep them warm during the second half of pregnancy. They are also starting to develop taste buds. Guess I better watch what I eat so they don't get a crazy sweet tooth!

As for me, I'm still doing well. Lately my back has been a bit achy, but I partly blame uncomfortable chairs for that. I have a nice new footrest at work, which is helping a bit. And luckily no crazy swelling yet, so no cankles! Yet. I'm sure that's on it's way.

I do get a lot of, "You're how many months? Wow!" and then I have to explain that it's twins and that no, I have not been overindulging at the buffet line or anything. Then I get, "You're going to get so big!" Helpful, really, people. Like that fact has slipped my mind!

This Thursday is our anatomy scan, where they measure everything. So I'll have some up-to-date stats and pictures for you then. We're still going to try to NOT find out gender, although I have to admit it is mighty tempting.

And now, to finish out today, a celebratory music video:

Mainly for the "halfway there" part of the song. Plus, heck, with twins on the way I guess we are living on a prayer!


  1. My feet have already started swelling at this point :-( A buffet sounds really tempting right now, my appetite has quadrupled!

    1. I'm sitting here thinking about what to eat next haha