Monday, July 23, 2012

22 Weeks!

Number of weeks...Two-Two! (This should be said in a sing-song manner like we used to do when playing bingo on camping trips. I miss campground bingo. But I digress.)

Four weeks to go until the third trimester. What the heck!? On some level I'm glad it's going quickly, but on pretty much all other levels I'm a bit panicked that in less than four months two babies are going to be relying on me and Blue for everything. And as they get older they are going to expect me to have all the answers, because I'm Mommy. I guess I could always call MY mommy, because to me she still has all the answers.

In any event, at 22 weeks the babies are anywhere from 13 to 21 ounces. Knowing our kiddos, they are probably definitely over a pound each. They are the size of papayas.

This explains why my ribs have been hurting. There is probably a papaya baby (or two) wedged in there. And here I thought my long torso would save me from that kind of ache.

They are growing eyelashes and eyebrows, and are sleeping in cycles that usually last about 13 hours. I feel nudges when I get up in the morning and later at night, so they must be sleeping most of the day. Won't THAT be fun after they are born and we want them to sleep at night.

I'm feeling pretty good myself, other than the rib pain. No stretch marks (knock wood), no cankles, just a belly button that is getting ever-closer to being flat. So. Weird. On the plus side, I've had a few people recently tell me that I had the pregnancy "glow." Woo. Judge for yourself:

"Glow" could also be "sweat." We were walking on a hot day.

I also had my first real craving today. Woke up from a nap and HAD to have chips and dip. So off to the supermarket we went. So worth it. So delicious. Kind of ruined my appetite for dinner, but oh well!


  1. You look great, April! I've been enjoying reading this blog. Best wishes!

  2. yay for 22 weeks! you look great..."glow" and all : )

  3. I'm just catching up after 2 weeks on vacation! I had a day last week when baby girl was definitely in my ribs, I just laid in bed on my side waiting for her to move since it hurt too much for me to move! Just yesterday someone told me I had the pregnancy glow...after a mile walk in work clothes in 96 degree Virginia was definitely sweat! haha!