Monday, July 16, 2012

Nursery Progress

This weekend my mother and I made some progress on the nursery. And by "my mother and I" I mean "my mother" because she wouldn't let me be around the paint and I was just generally useless but very supportive.

We bought some soft green paint for an accent color to paint the back of the built-in shelving unit. We also took off the doors that used to go on the unit for easier access to the baskets. Right now there's just the one basket, but I just ordered a slew more. These baskets will hold clothing and other baby paraphernalia. We'll have baskets in yellow and in green to mix it up a bit. Only a little of the green paint will ultimately peek through. My stuffed animals are holding down the fort for now.

We (again, my mom) also cleaned all of Black Cat's fur off of the glider and put a towel down to prevent her from furring it up again. She'll probably jump right back on once the babies come and the towel is gone though...

The room is coming together and looking much more like a usable nursery (except for the full-sized bed still in the room for now for guests). I still have to finalize the Home Depot installation of our hardwood floors, but I did call and confirm the materials and realized they had us down for more expensive flooring that had a similar name to what we want. So we'll be saving a few hundred dollars now that it's been fixed. Woohoo!

Blue and my stepdad went to a baseball game on Saturday but still managed to fix our chandelier, put up the gate on the pool deck, remove my old bureau and desk (which my parents are taking) and arrange the new bureau and desk in our bedroom, and install a shoe rack my stepdad built for me that helps us gain a bit more space in the bedroom. So everyone was very productive.

I, on the other hand, emptied the dishwasher and supervised everyone else...

Although, I did succeed in torturing my mom for a bit after I told her we knew genders but weren't going to tell her until they arrived Friday. I bought an outfit for each baby that would make gender obvious and wrapped them up as her early birthday gift. Many squeals were to be heard--probably throughout the neighborhood--as she opened each part.

And now she gets to enjoy torturing everyone else, especially her sisters, until we decide if/when to reveal the news (aunts, try to be kind when attempting to pry the info out of her!). Maybe we'll wait until they are born, maybe we'll cave a little earlier. We shall see!

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