Sunday, July 15, 2012

21 Weeks!

This week makes 21 weeks along. I've known I was pregnant for 119 days, and there are about 133 days to go until my official due date (but as I've said, they will come early). Crazy! Sometimes it feels like just yesterday I was shaking reading the word "pregnant" on the test--and had no idea it was twins!

Look at that belly!

The countdown continues!
What are the chances this shirt fits until I deliver? I made it before I knew it was twins so I was just counting on a "regular" pregnancy. That said, it IS a size XL. So we'll see...

This week the babies are supposedly the side of pomegranates.

But as we saw at my ultrasound last week, they are likely already 13 ounces-plus each, so they're a bit ahead of's prediction. Which is okay, since they just use averages. Some babies weigh more, some weigh less. I'll take bigger (and hopefully healthier) over smaller any day! Of course, once (if?) stretch marks appear I'll likely change my tune.

If you've been paying close attention, you might have noticed that they went from 6.5 inches in length last week to 10.5 inches this week and be wondering if they just had a superhuman growth spurt. Well, no. Up to now length has been measured from "crown to rump." This week, length begins being measured from head to toe. So now their legs are being included.

And they are exercising those little legs more and more against my insides. But I'll take it if it means I know they are doing okay. I think it's mainly Baby B so far because the nudges have been higher and Baby A is lower, but he or she might have snuck a leg up towards my ribs for a jab or two for all I know.

This weekend I decided to break my no-booze rule a little bit. And by little, I do mean little.

Guess which glass is mine?

I still really want an ice cold beer, preferably Yuengling. About 15 weeks to go...maybe 17. I can do it.

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