Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fourth of July

I hope everyone stayed cool on the Fourth! We lucked out in that it wasn't oppressively hot, but we still went in the pool a few times. It was exciting to have the first non-us people in our pool (only took two years). One guest, drink in hand while in the pool, said he felt like he was on vacation. I love summer for just that reason! We also played a little wiffleball (wish I could play a real game of softball but that's probably not a good idea right now) and frisbee. We won't discuss my *awesome* frisbee skills...

I had a little too much fun preparing and decorating. I used beach buckets for chips and mason jars for vases that held daisies from our garden. A little ribbon, some flags, and a few pinwheels completed the festive Fourth vibe.

Blue grilled up burgers, hot dogs, hot sausage, and chicken that I marinated in a Bourbon marinade (gotta get my booze on somehow). Everything was delicious. We also had salad, but people mainly went for the meat. That's what a BBQ is all about, right?

I also made some sangria that we have a bunch leftover of. How long is sangria good? Hoping my mom can help us drink some of it when she's down next weekend to help on the nursery again. I had a sip and it was so good, I wish I could drink it all myself!

Then we had a pretty amazing sunset before the entire neighborhood started setting off fireworks (which lasted until

All in all a great day, and I'm glad we got to have friends over for a BBQ. Hoping to get another one in before summer is over, but we have a busy few weeks ahead so we'll see!

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