Thursday, July 12, 2012

Anatomy Scan... and Gender?

My children are already stubborn and disobedient. At today's ultrasound they'd be waving until we needed a shot of their hand, and then their little hands would clench and be hidden away. They'd be kicking until we needed ankle shots, and then they'd cross their legs and hide their feet. I scolded them, told them to listen to Mommy, and nothing. Blue tried to use his Daddy powers, but they would just roll and face the other way. Eventually, after almost two hours, we did get all of the shots we needed, and the doctor said everything looks great! Phew!

They are now 13oz each, which means that Baby A has caught up to Baby B and there isn't that discrepancy in size we saw four weeks ago. Yay!! Way to go Baby A!

Also, I am weak. So very, very weak. I thought I could tell gender based on some angles they got today, but Blue told me that I hadn't studied sonography and really couldn't tell. So of course that pushed me over the edge to find out. I think that was his secret plan, even though he kept saying he could wait until they are born but that it was my decision. So much for Team Green...

And I was right! So of course the first thing I did was turn to Blue and say, "I told you so!"

Still not going to share though. Mwhahahaha! At least not until after my baby showers. I really don't want to be inundated with gendered clothing and accessories, as well-meaning as people are. Now, to see if I can keep the secret that long...

In any event, here are some photos of our nearly one-pound babies!

Baby A, 20 weeks and 3 days. Baby's arm is bent and hand is by chin. Mouth looks slightly open. So cute!

Baby B, 20 weeks and 3 days. Look at the cute little chin!
While last time they were yin-yanging, today they were both facing the same way, which added to the difficulty in getting measurements. The tech kept having to recheck which baby she was looking at. We got a lot of glimpses of them squished together, saw them hugging and then spooning, and apparently Baby B likes to get its hand right in Baby A's face a lot. Blue thinks they are still alien babies. I beg to differ. But in any event, we got a lot of shots like this:

Two heads are better than one, right? B on left, A on right, I think.
I still can't fathom how big they are going to get and, as a result, how enormous I am going to get. Oy. One thing that is somewhat reassuring is that the smallest baby ever to be born and survive was around 13oz. So if something went horribly wrong and I went into labor now (which all signs still point to them staying put, thank goodness!), there is hope that they'd be okay. I like to look on the bright side.

So there you go! Hoping to make more progress on the nursery this weekend when my parents come down, and going to call Home Depot to get the ball rolling on our hardwood floors. Lots to do!


  1. How exciting! A 2 hour sonogram! WOW! I am surprised they are both 13 oz. Our tech told us that our baby would be about 10-12 oz and that was at 21 weeks. She ended up being 14oz. I guess I thought twins would be smaller than avg but that's just me assuming! Congrats :)

    1. Thanks! A few people have said that about their size, but the doctor seemed unfazed by it. Plus, I've read from other twin moms that they tend to be slightly ahead up until about 26 weeks, and then they develop more slowly than singletons as they run out of room. I guess it's "grow while we can" for them!

  2. Given how stubborn they are...I'm thinking girls!!! hahaha

  3. Yay!!!! They look so great!!!!!

  4. Great post! Too cute! :-) Very smart to call Home Depot to do the floors, my husband is supposed to be doing ours and it's frustrating me that he hasn't finished. Normal me knows that he does need some time off but hormonal me just wants him to work on the floors until they are done! hehe!

    1. Yeah we could save money if we got a family member to do it, but we want it done sooner rather than later and I know our families are busy too with their own stuff, so it's just easier and less stressful to have HD bang it out in a day.