Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Baby-Led Weaning and Boston Vacation

It has begun. And so far, Indigo and Periwinkle seem intrigued! Last night we presented them with a plate with bread, steamed carrots with salt and pepper, and havarti cheese. Periwinkle dove for the cheese and licked it for a bit, while Indigo enjoyed the carrots most of all. Neither of them seemed interested in the bread.

So I tried just bread tonight, mainly because I was flying solo as Blue was in class, and it was a big hit! Indigo even managed to break a small piece off, suck on it for a while to get it nice and mushy, and with some pursed lips and confused glances, swallowed it. He coughed about ten minutes later but was fine. My biggest worry with this is choking, but as long as they are kept upright while "eating" they do well. I'm excited to try more foods and to get the high chairs from the relative storing them for us to make feeding them easier.

And just so you know, foods are offered AFTER they drink their bottles, so they are not hungry when exploring new foods. This will cut down on frustration as they learn to swallow and allow them to just have fun with it.

On another note, last week we took four days off from the babies (my parents gladly watched them) and went to the Boston area for a vacation. Ha ha. This was long-planned so we stuck with it despite the crazy week Boston was having, and spent a lot of time in the hotel sleeping and making friends with the bartender, and around Lexington and Concord.


Love the colors at the hotel bar

The food was amazing at a few of the places we ate. I highly recommend:

Concord: Helen's Restaurant (fell in love with their tomato avocado melt)

Lexington: Lexx (esp. mac n cheese and white chocolate martini) and Vine Brook Tavern (prime rib was divine).

Mac n cheese with bacon. Nom nom!

Delicious white chocolate martini
We did eventually get to meet up with friends after the amazing law enforcement dudes and dudettes caught the bad guys. It was such a relief to know we were safe to enjoy the city Blue and I both love.

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